10 Reasons to Visit Zanzibar

Diana Bell-Heather   |   23 - 06 - 2018


Looking for a getaway that delivers white beaches, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and a dose of rustic culture? Then look no further than Zanzibar.


The south coast of Tanzania is a wild and beautiful region with miles of unspoilt nature where you can walk along river estuaries and explore ancient Arabic settlements. Stone Town, the capital, has a distinct Arabic feel, having risen to prominence as the ancient spice capital of the East African coast.


After wondering the narrow streets and exploring the spice markets, rest your head at the The Residence hotel  Zanzibar. A luxury villa resort located along 1.5 km of pristine, palm-fringed beach on the southwest coast of the island, the hotel offers superb quality and service in 66 villas with private plunge pools. Still undecided? Let Agata Sobczak, spokesperson for the resort, convince you.



Stone Town

Zanzibar capital with multi-cultural history and mix of nationalities, culinary and traditions. This small town is included on the UNESCO Heritage List and  will overwhelm you with vibrant local markets, shops, restaurants. Friendly locals will greet you with smile and Jambo and Karibu will be the first words you will learn is Swahili.


Pristine and Scenic Beach of the island

Zanzibar is surrounded by Indian Ocean and offers scenic and beautiful beaches where one can relax and unwind. The island  landscape is very diverse and you will find parts with whites powdery beaches ideal for sunbathing, where parts of the south are great for water sports as Kite Surfing.


Spice Gardens

Zanzibar is called Spice Island for a reason. An important trading centre of the Indian Ocean region in the nineteenth century the island became famous for spices and fresh produce, and boasts the sweetest pineapples in the world.




Spoil your Love One with romantic beach dinners, sunset cruises, spa treatments. Zanzibar is a perfect destination for couples that search for tranquillity , picturesque surroundings, personalized service.


Variation of Wildlife

It is home to famous for its indigenous red colobus monkeys. Visit Jozani Forest and say hello to that lovely animals that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Snorkel round the coral reefs and spot a variety sea creatures. For something really special, Prison Island, which is 15 min from Stone Town, is a home to Giant Turtles.


Food Markets

Explore variations of island  cuisine on the most famous street food market –Forodhani Night Market. If you wish to get fresh food produce, the best place is Darajani where you will find exotic fruits, veggies, seafood and meat.


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Tea and Coffee Ceremony

If you are coffee or tea drinker, you will love Tanzanian production of that beverages; Kilimanjaro area is famous for the tea and coffee plantations and the taste comes with different flavours.



Immerse yourself in shopping heaven that is Stone Town. You can spend entire day walking around in small streets full of boutiques with locally made products, clothing and accessories.


All-Year Round Sunshine

Zanzibar is a perfect destination to escape grey skies and winter cold. Most of the year island is benefiting from sunny and warm weather.




First thing you will see once landed are the smiling faces of local people . You will learn fast basic Swahili – Jambo /Karibu /Asante /Hakuna Matata  will be part of your dictionary.


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