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Diana Bell-Heather   |   16 - 07 - 2018

Struggling to find the perfect summer getaway? Lucky for you, the folks at The Residence Tunis in Tunisia have put together more than one reason to pack your bags and fly out to the idyllic Mediterranean setting.


tunis residence travel

The Residence Tunis


Only half an hour from Tunis, the hotel is designed for families and couples. Perfectly placed to offer an amazing Arabic adventure with a touch of luxury.


tunis residence travel

The Residence Tunis


Tunisia was Once Home to Carthage

If you were to dig deep enough under the city, you’d probably find all kinds of ruins from the Carthaginian Empire. Even above the city, you can still see a large area of Carthage and imagine yourself walking around 2,000 years ago. Unfortunately, much of Carthage was actually destroyed by the Romans during the Punic wars.


Much Of The Central City Is A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Most of the city’s Medina is still intact and looks just like it did when it was originally built in the 8th century. Inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are over 700 historic monuments that cover seven different areas, including the Kasbah Mosque, Zitouna Mosque, Bab Bhar Gate and more. It became a heritage site in 1979.


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Tunisia Was Conquered By Louis IX of France

The history of Tunis would have played out much differently if Louis IX of France would have remained in power. In 1270, the King (also known as Saint Louis) took over the city and wanted to convert it to Christianity. This plan failed and he died outside the walls after his army contracted a nasty case of dysentery.


It Can Get Really Cold

Tourists thinking they are escaping the winter in Europe are often in for a bit of a shock when they arrive in Tunis and find out that it’s downright freezing. Even though the city is on the edge of the Sahara Desert, its average high is just 16oC in January. The city has also recorded many days below freezing during the cooler months.


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Sidi Bou Said


Tunis Has One of the Oldest Mosques in the World

Tunis is home to the gigantic Al-Zaytuna Mosque which was founded as far back as 698 A.D., though the exact date of construction isn’t known. This makes it one of the oldest mosques in the world, and for centuries was one of the top centers of learning in North Africa.


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