Where To Go For A Digital Detox

Diana Bell-Heather   |   17 - 01 - 2019

Find it hard to switch off during your time off? Getting away from it all should also mean putting your phone habits on hold, no matter how badly you want to share another snap of avocado on toast.


Many of holiday-goers have started to appreciate the no-tech travel by choosing Wi-Fi free hotels or destination with limited access to any signal whatsoever. Fancy a digital detox? Read on.


Tierra Patagonia, Chile


digital detox travel



Hidden among the dramatic landscape, this all-inclusive resort offers luxury and adventure. Located within the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile’s Patagonia, there is no TV, phone or reception, allowing you to enjoy nature in all it’s glory.


Albergo Il Monastero, Ischia, Italy


digital detox travel



Found in the bay of Naples, Ischia is a hidden gem. Albergo Il Monastero might housed in a former monastery within Aragonese Castle, but inside its stylish and contemporary. Again, don’t expect a TV, and the Wi-Fi signal will struggle to penetrate the 16th-century walls.


Mumbo Island, Malawi


digital detox travel



Feel like a modern-day castaway on an island free of today’s technological distractions. You will be completely mesmerised by all the beauty around you to care that you haven’t got ‘the’ Insta shot.


Tagish Wilderness Lodge, Yukon, Canada


digital detox travel



If you are looking for solitude, the less-travelled northern territories might be just for you. Canada’s Yukon was made famous by the Kate Middleton and Prince William a few years ago, but most of remains unspoiled wilderness which means there is no internet to distract you. Our tip is to watch the Northern Lights from one of the natural hot pools.