Hershey Pascual   |   31 - 08 - 2016

5 superfood brands that you should try:



CREATIVE NATURE (www.creativenaturesuperfoods.co.uk)

CEO, Julianne Ponan of superfood brand Creative Nature was passionate about providing people suffering from food allergies and creating healthy convenient alternatives that are both affordable and delicious. All Creative Nature products are made from premium quality superfoods which are 100 per cent natural and organic. These snack bars and ever expanding range caters for all allergens and food intolerances.



BANYAN BOTANICALS (www.banyanbotanicals.com)

Banyan Botanicals is the world’s leading purveyor of Ayurvedic superfoods and herbs with virtually unparalleled quality and sourcing standards. The vast majority of their products are organic and the few that aren’t are grown to organic standards on farms that are transitioning to becoming fully certified organic. They only source herbs from farms that pay fair-trade, living wages to their workers and grow their herbs in harmony with nature or completely wildcraft them altogether in forest settings. Banyan offers a huge spectrum of hard-to-find Ayurvedic herbs and they even have specific superfood herbal blends that are designed to balance the three doshas (or body/mind constitutions) that exist in Ayurvedic medicine.





BLOOM (www.bloomtea.co.uk)

Craig Coulton is the founder of Bloom a multi-award winning luxury tea company. The superfood infused tea is made of matcha tea powder and comes in a beautiful range of flavours. Coulton discovered the benefits of matcha to aid the natural recovery of his own illness. It is a great alternative to morning coffee, it combines organic Japanese match with maca root and guarana for a mind/body zing.





OPPO (www.oppoicecream.co.uk)

British brothers, Charlie and Harry, created Oppo a delicious healthy ice cream for moments of healthy indulgence. Oppo stemmed from an idea the boys had whilst travelling in Brazil, to take some of the superfoods heralded by locals as life changing, back to  England in a form that people would recognise and enjoy. It took two years of product development, Charlie discovered that by replacing cream and sugar with virgin coconut oil and stevia, Oppo lovers would be able to enjoy a typically unhealthy dessert in a whole new (and more nutritious) way.




KOLD PRESS JUICE KOMPANY (www.koldpressjuiceko.ae)

The Kold Press Juice Company use a state of the art slow-hydraulic cold press juicer to preserve as much minerals and nutrients as possible. This system does not produce or use heat in the extraction process or allow high volumes of oxidation. The result is they retain up to 5x the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes of a usual store-bought juice. Their blends of juices are so delicious too.