D5 Executive Gym Brings A New Concept To Fitness

Diana Bell-Heather   |   17 - 03 - 2018

D5 Executive Gym


Nestled within the prestigious Capital Club in DIFC is D5 Executive Gym referred to by it’s members as ‘Dubai’s best kept secret’.


Focusing on five key aspects of a healthy body and mind – exercise, nutrition, supplementation, restoration and education – each client get’s a tailor made fitness program to achieve the best results. The collaborative brain child of entrepreneur Jeff Curtis and Head Coach James Heagney, this high end, high quality concept has attracted the industries best from all corners of the globe. Heagney said:


“Our aim is to be the leading Personal Training focused facility in the Middle East and I’m confident that both myself and Jeff have achieved this. This journey has only just begun and as we continue to commit to excellence in everything we do, we are driven to over deliver for our clients.”


D5 Executive Gym


The ‘5 Dimensional’ concept is a unique holistic approach to fitness and we can’t wait to try their Lean Legs program can help you achieve model pins with an effective and ground-breaking, science-based program.


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