The Surprising Health Benefits of Taking A Bath

Hayley Kadrou   |   06 - 08 - 2019

More than simply soaking in a tub, taking a bath can actually prove good for your mental and physical health.


We get it. Taking a shower is not only much quicker, but it also saves on water. Not to mention that during the perpetual UAE heat, reclining into a pool of warm milky water might not be high on your agenda.


But here in defence of switching out the occasional shower for a bathing session are all the health benefits that can come from immerses yourself in a tub of warm water…


Health Benefits of Taking a Bath 


From mood boosting to muscle easing, here are the benefits of taking a bath

From mood-boosting to muscle easing, here are the benefits of taking a bath


Muscle relaxation


You don’t need scientific research to tell you that a soak in the tub can unwind tight muscles and ease aches and pains. The heat from the water can increase blood circulation to repair sore muscles, leaving you feeling looser and more at ease after a warm soak.


Heart health 


Yes, a bath can also benefit your heart health too.  The warm water (very hot water should be avoided) can increase your heart rate, giving it an easy workout while improving circulation throughout the body.


Better sleep


Not only because it will be time out in solitude away from your phone (right?) but the deed can also lead to a better night sleep – which in turn contributes to a whole host of health benefits. The very act increases our body temperature, and once we get out the tub our temperature drops, and it’s this cool-down period that actually helps you to dose off, as the cooling downtime (which naturally occurs in the evening) signals its time to sleep.


Breathing aid


Whether you’re suffering from a cold or flu that’s left you feeling bunged up or whether you have more long-term difficulties, bathing can help aid as it acts as steam therapy and the temperature can increase lung capacity, too.


Mood booster


As we immerse our self in the bubbles decorated and aromatherapy oil-soaked waters, our moods always seems to be lifted. As that’s not just down to leaving the stress or day to day life at the bathroom door. Scientific studies have shown that baths can help to calm the nervous system and in turn reduce stress and anxiety.



Jump in and unwind

Jump in and unwind



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