Haute Couture FW18: Rami Al Ali

Diana Bell-Heather   |   04 - 07 - 2018

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Syrian designer Rami Al Ali returned Paris for  FW18 couture collection at Hôtel Le Meurice.


Al Ali looked to the west and back in time for his inspiration: Art Deco, a pastiche of many different styles united by a desire to be current. This art was created and introduced by Romain de Tirtoff, famously known as Erté, in the early 20th century in France, through architecture, furniture, jewellery and fashion, comprising bold geometric forms, bright colours such as gold and black, and glamorous designs.


The intimate 13-piece collection features luxury, exuberance, sleek modern yet classic designs with curvilinear shapes highlighted by the fine craftsmanship and rich material. While patterns witness repetition in elements, redefined by blending with texture and ornamentation, they maintain elegance.


Sticking with his signature, Al Ali combined luxurious fabrics, such as tulle, Mikado and velvet, with architecturally designed structures to create soft feminine silhouettes, whilst hand crafted embellishments adorned the pieces, implementing understated feminine charm and powerful composure. Shades of pastels such as vintage rose and green fiord were dominant, gracefully contrasting with cobalt blue for a touch of romance and luxury.


The collection might be smaller in comparison to other couturier’s, but it is perfectly formed.


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