Milan Fashion Week: Gucci SS18

Diana Bell-Heather   |   20 - 09 - 2017


Alessandro Michele doesn’t believe in boundaries and for the Gucci SS18 collection he pushed his creative flair even further with a mash up of era’s and textures.


Backstage he said: “I know I work in a more cinematic way, the clothes help me tell the story, together with faces, the stage, the light and the music.”


The Gucci Hub set presented diverse journeys with a map featuring Roman poet Orazio’s country home. The runway is Tiber river; while the map is juxtaposed with the layout of the Imperial Fora, dotted with classical statues from different periods and cultures. The runway featured three arches in Indian, Aztec and Egyptian styles and the surface was bubbled PVC with streetlights giving a metropolitan feel.


Basically Gucci is inspired by all and is made for all with no discrimination of who a Gucci person is. There were seventies prints and bold-shouldered eighties blazers accessorised with cross body bags and chunky jewellery. We also spotted jumpers with Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny and plenty of jackets layered over sheer tops and trousers. Show goers eyes darted from floral print mixed with leopard to the Gucci logo decorating clothing and accessories.


Despite the fast-paced dance track and models racing down the runway to harsh strobe-lighting, the collection notes encourage you to slow down and ‘resist the mantra of speed that violently lead to loosing oneself. Resist the illusion of something new at any cost.’


Gucci has become a brand for collectors, those who don’t follow trends but want to invest in something beautiful that lasts. Perhaps that’s the reason why season after season there isn’t a great distinction in the vision with pieces presenting their own narrative, that ask you to linger on the detail.


Michele sees his work as an ‘invitation to be yourself: the only true transgression that ensures us to get close to to happiness’ and we know for a fact that the embroidered tracksuit jacket will make us very happy indeed.


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