Relaxed Vibes For Victoria Beckham’s New Collection

Amy Louise   |   15 - 09 - 2016

Victoria Beckham’s latest collection steered away from her original body sculpting, tailored pieces, taking a far more relaxed and effortless approach. This was made evident in the build up to her show, with Victoria appearing in a far more laid back attire, very different to her previous, extremely polished and tailored looks.

Victoria Beckham’s latest show featured an array of colourful pieces, with crushed velvet and silk textures highlighting the slouchy, laid back vibes of this new collection. There was a particular focus on exposed necklines with the bra taking centre stage and flat knee high boots to accentuate a relaxed and more casual feel. There were also pretty floral patterns, floaty skirts and chiffon layers for a more feminine approach to this very different, yet effortlessly stylish collection.




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