Tiffany & Co. Celebration Rings

Diana Bell-Heather   |   09 - 08 - 2015


  1. A fabled destination for couples in love, the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City Photo Credit: Carter Smith
  2. Tiffany Embrace diamond ring in platinum
  3. Jean Schlumberger Sixteen Stone ring in platinum and 18k karat gold with diamonds
  4. Tiffany Grace diamond ring in platinum
  5. Engagement rings in platinum with diamonds, counter-clockwise from top: Tiffany Soleste® Emerald, The Tiffany® Setting, and Tiffany Soleste
  6. Tiffany diamond band rings (from left): Jean Schlumberger Sixteen
  7. Stone ring in platinum and 18k karat gold with diamonds, Tiffany Soleste band ring in 18 karat rose gold with diamonds, Victoria alternating ring in platinum with diamonds, Jean Schlumberger Rope two-row ring in 18 karat gold and platinum with diamonds, Tiffany Diamond Wedding Band in platinum with diamonds.
  8. Tiffany Soleste® emerald-cut engagement ring with matching band in platinum.
  9. Tiffany Celebration® rings in platinum (from top): three-row with diamonds, Tiffany Swing with diamonds and blue sapphires, Cobblestone with diamonds, Victoria with diamonds.
  10. Tiffany Soleste® engagement ring and matching band in platinum.
  11. Band rings with diamonds in platinum, from top: Channel-set, Tiffany Bezet™, Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Sixteen Stone, Tiffany Jazz™, and Tiffany Cobblestone.
  12. Tiffany engagement rings in platinum with diamonds, from top: Tiffany Soleste® Emerald-Cut, The Tiffany® Setting, Tiffany Soleste® Oval, Emerald Cut, and Tiffany Soleste® Pear.
  13. Tiffany engagement rings (from top): Tiffany Embrace diamond ring, Jean Schlumberger Bud ring and Lucida® diamond ring

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