Morning Coffee With… CEO Of Audemars Piguet

Hershey Pascual   |   04 - 12 - 2016


François-Henry Bennahmias, Audemars Piguet CEO. French living in Switzerland.


What is your morning routine before work?

I usually wake up at around 5:00 am and read the news on the internet before answering a few emails. I head to the office and arrive before 7:00 am. If I workout with a personal instructor, I wake up at the same time, but my working day at the office starts at around 8:30 am.

Tell us about your style.

My style depends on my weight; if I am slimmer than usual I can enjoy more clothes, but if I’m bigger it is a strain on my wardrobe.

What would we find in your closet?

Basics – I’m a guy. I have six blazers, up to forty pairs of shoes (mostly one brand), lots of polo shirts and turtle necks.

Who is your designer icon?

I like different brands, so it’s a mix of different people. 

What book are you reading now?

I’m not at the moment. It’s a very important time for the company at the end of the year and I focus all my energy on work. When I come home in the evening I prefer watching a TV series to help my brain unwind. I am currently watching an American series called Ballers with Dwayne Johnson. I’ve always loved sports and this series is about the world of professional American football. I enjoy it very much.

What is your relationship with music?

Music is my life, and I like all types of music. If I didn’t work with watches I could have been a producer, or something in that domain.

What is a life lesson you can share with us?

Never take no for an answer. The more you tell me it’s impossible, the more I’m going to tell you it is possible. I’m a very competitive person.

What three things do you hate most in life?

Traffic, wasting time and  travel. I don’t like the transportation part of travel. No matter how I travel to a place, I just want to get from one place to the next instantly.

What is your perfect holiday?

With almost no one around. Away from big parties and being somewhere very quiet with my loved ones. I like to be in the background. I want to be on my own with the people I love. Simple!

How would you like the world to remember you?

As a people person. Someone who loves people and brings them together, no matter what.

Any regrets in life?

Not yet, but one day I’m sure I will say not spending enough time with my kids.