Morning Coffee With Noora Al Alawi, Founder Of Nuna Atelier

Hayley Kadrou   |   02-03-2019

The Creative Director of the Dubai-based fashion brand chats her professional motto and what makes the industry in the Middle East so unique.

Opening her fashion brand in 2001, Noora Al Alawi has been a big player in the local fashion scene for nearly two decades now. And while she’s achieved plenty to date, she’s still has a lot more goals and ambitions for her career and herself going forwards.

Taking some time out of her busy day, the Emirati entrepreneur stopped by for Morning Coffee with the A&E team to chat through her routine and share her words of wisdom.

Watch the full interview with Noora above, and see the five things we learned talking to the founder below.

Five Things We Learned Talking To Noora Al Alawi Over Morning Coffee

Comfy is the new luxury

Chatting through what makes the fashion scene in the Middle East particularly interesting, Nuna Atelier’s founder explained that as the people in the region have changed, so has the fashion scene at a rapid rate. And one of the changes she’s most thrilled about? The love of sneakers.

She said: “There is this huge sneaker culture that has taken the scene by storm, everybody is wearing sneakers. You know you could be wearing a dress and going to an event and be wearing sneakers, but it actually works as a fashion statement, and I think it’s incredible how comfy is the new luxury.”

Build a business with purpose

Noora’s advice for starting your own business? Think about your real motivations first. “Whatever you decide to do, make sure you tie it to a purpose because that going to fuel you and keep you going,” she stated.

Being your own boss comes with challenges

And Noora’s biggest professional challenge is the notion of making something from nothing. The Nuna Atelier Founder said: “You know it’s always easier when you walk into an office and you receive instructions. You receive indication and direction, everything is ready and the work is just delegated to you. When you are your own boss, you constantly have to make something out of nothing and that’s really challenging.”

Sportsmanship is key, whatever you do

The Creative Director’s professional motto? “Take everything that’s thrown at you with sportsmanship.” She adds: “To fail is not to fall, really. I think to fail is to fall and never get back up again.”

Find people who ‘charge’ your energy

Noora opened up about the advice she’d give her younger self – and it’s all too relatable to the most of us. She professed: “Just be really selective with who you allow into your life. If you think about your energy as 100 percent, whoever you allow in needs to be charging you and not draining you. So just take your time in choosing whose energy you want to entertain.”

Noora Al Alawi explained that Nuna Atelier's collaboration with watch brand Casio was one of her proudest work moments to date
Noora Al Alawi explained that Nuna Atelier’s collaboration with watch brand Casio was one of her proudest career moments to date

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