Negin Mirsalehi Introduces Gisou in the Middle East

Lindsay Judge   |   28-07-2021

Dutch-Persian influencer Negin Mirsalehi’s all-natural haircare range Gisou recently launched in the Middle East. The honey-infused line was inspired by Negin’s heritage, growing up in a family of beekeepers.


Gisou features only sustainably sourced ingredients with the hero ingredient being honey, sourced from Negin’s family bee garden in Holland. The Instagram star who has over 6 million followers decided to launch her haircare range after receiving thousands of enquiries about her own luscious locks.



Negin decided to share her homemade haircare secret with the world, now famously known as Gisou’s iconic hero product: The Honey Infused Hair Oil.

From growing up in her family’s Mirsalehi Bee Garden to working with ingredients from her father’s hives, Negin Mirsalehi’s knowledge of beekeeping and honey-based haircare stems from a passion deeply rooted in her Middle Eastern heritage.



Inspired by Persian self-care practices, it was Negin’s mother, a hairdresser by trade, who introduced her daughter to the honey-infused formulas she still values today. Her mother’s kitchen was the birthplace of the highly sought-after haircare secret that sparked Negin’s journey from influencer to beauty industry entrepreneur.



The range of hair products incorporates natural bee products acquired from the family’s bee garden, all of which are sourced ethically and sustainably.



By harnessing the power of bee-sourced ingredients known for their conditioning and restorative properties, Negin proudly continues the six-generation family legacy as an active beekeeper and founder of Gisou – sharing the powers of honey and propolis from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden through her range of eponymous haircare.

“My family heritage, and that of Gisou, is deeply rooted in the Middle East which makes this launch particularly special. I’m incredibly happy to finally share Gisou and our honey-infused haircare with our new community members” says Negin Mirsalehi.


Gisou is available exclusively at Sephora in the Middle East.