Amna Al Habtoor, Founder of Arcadia Discusses Her Reasons to Celebrate

Lindsay Judge   |   02-12-2022

On the occasion of UAE National Day, Amna Al Habtoor, Founder of Arcadia fragrances has created a special perfume line that pays homage to her country and celebrates all the people that live there from all walks of life.


Returning to her roots, the Edition 3 – The Tribute Edition features a collection of three scents based on the region. Amna has been inspired by her country from the beginning and it is the very basis for many of her creations in Edition 1 and Edition 2. With the third collection, she opens a new chapter of her fragrance line as she prepares to expand further. We find out more.



In this issue we are talking about celebration – what reasons do you have to celebrate today? 

There’s so much to celebrate right now. But first and foremost, my family’s health, Arcadia’s continued success with the launch of our new collection, and the UAE’s perseverance after a tough two years due to the pandemic.


We will soon be celebrating the UAE National Day – tell us what this day means to you? 

The UAE National Day unifies all of the country’s people, whether nationals or expatriates, allowing us to reflect on the collective achievements we have accomplished with great pride. Seeing the celebrations across the country, from fireworks to parades, underpins the legacy of the UAE’s founders.


How will you be celebrating this year? 

Probably at my father’s house with my entire family, standing on the roof watching the fireworks as they illuminate beautiful Dubai.



What can you tell us about your new Edition 3 collection?

Edition 3, AKA The Tribute Edition, features three scents, one Oud based, one Amber based, and one Musk based, which are the key notes of the UAE and wider region. We also released corresponding UV-protecting, moisturising hair mists and limited merchandise for the range.


Essentially, the new collection is a love letter to the UAE, capturing the now and then of the country. Each scent tells the story of a resident. The scent’s names are Devotion (Oud based, dedicated to those who have been here from the start), Sincere (Musk based for those who have just arrived) and Eternal (Amber based for those who have come and gone).


What can you tell us about the process of creating these new fragrances, from the initial idea to conception? 

My thought process evolved around how I could thank the UAE for all it has given us, not just Emiratis but also expats. I realised the best way to express gratitude was by creating a collection that serves as a tributary love note to the country from all kinds of people who have made a connection with the UAE, whether you’ve grown up here, came and went, or just arrived.



What is the biggest challenge you face today with Arcadia?

Being a niche brand from the UAE, adhering to the more poetic and artistic forms of expression through scent, it can sometimes take time to translate the true meaning and sentiment behind each fragrance. We aim to tap into the emotions and memories, whether happy or not, of whoever comes across our brand, particularly through our scent narratives.


What else is in the pipeline for next year and what is your vision for the company? 

We have slowly extended our brand offering to include perfumes, home fragrances, and a soon-to-be-added beauty range. The ultimate goal is to establish Arcadia as an international lifestyle brand; we have that in mind with every step we take.



What is the motto you live by?

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear” Surah Baqarah, 2:286 from the Quran, as it always gives me strength to persevere in the most challenging times.


How would you describe your brand in one word?