Top Lebanese Makeup Artists You Need to Follow

Dana Mortada   |   26-10-2017

When it comes to beauty, Lebanese makeup artists are some of the region’s most talented beauty experts. From internationally certified professionals, to celebrity makeup artists, here’s our edit of the most popular Lebanese makeup artists you need to know now.

In no particular order, do your insta feed a favor and meet pioneering beauty experts who will for sure give you major makeup inspiration.



1) Bassam Fattouh

Famous for his iconic smoky-eye look with an oriental twist, Bassam Fattouh is a leading Lebanese makeup artist, who has countless years of experience under his belt. Till this day Fattouh has an exclusive clientele list and is constantly collaborating with infamous international brands and regional celebrities. And that’s not all, he also recently launched his own beauty and cosmetics brand straight out of Lebanon.

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2) Hala Ajam

Nude tones are her go-to shades! Hala Ajam’s signature is to give women a natural look by highlighting their strong features. She even has a blog where she shares her current work and genius beauty hacks and tips.

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3) Paul Constantinian

Paul Constantinian has gained trustful reputation with his unique skills and knowledge that covers all kinds of natural beauty, from artistic editorials, celebrities, and bridal.


4) Fady Kataya

Fady Kataya is well-known for his outstanding talent, and has gained remarkable popularity from his exclusive clientele and regional celebrities. Kataya aims to reflect every woman’s essence of true beauty with a modern and an elegant touch.


5) Sharbel Hasbany

A graduat from the french institute Atelier Maquillage Paris Modèles, Sharbel Hasbany is a freelance Beirut-based makeup artist, and ever since the launch of his beauty career Hasbany proved his professional and unique artistic skills by collaborating with countless designer names and publication titles.

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6) Elie Stephan

A Lebanese freelance makeup artist with over 10 years of experience. Elie Stephan had the honor to work with local and international photographers; and  his great attention to details and  keep understanding of shadows and light helped him thrive his success in the beauty industry.

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7) Christian Abou Haidar

Merging simplicity and daring looks, is one Christian Abou Haidar’s beauty rules! His work is known for stressing on the use of light hues and carefully apply dark colours.  Today, the Lebanese makeup artists also has successfully launched very own false lashes product line.

8) Yvonne Hatem

Yvonne Hatem is famous for using  light and pastel colours, and is also known for giving a perfect natural look without covering up your features, but rather highlights your beauty making you feel unique and simple.

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9) Rolande Kassis

Rolande Kassis’s touch is original and classy! Over the years she learned to tweak her makeup techniques to fit her clients character and individual style.


10) Maya Yammine

Unlike many other artists, Maya Yammine dares to use vibrant colours and shifts her total attention on the eyes leaving you with an attractive look!

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Holding image: Makeup by Sharbel Hasbany



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