Benefit Brow Translator: Brows speak louder than words

Lara Mansour   |   20 - 02 - 2017

Benefit Brow Translator: Brows speak louder than words


To many of us, the main purpose of our eyebrows is to keep sweat out of our eyes, but Benefit decided to look further than this, and partnered with scientists to come up with a tool that analyses your brows to tell your emotions. This new research shows how brows are the key to decoding emotions and the most expressive part of your face. Eyebrows are the ultimate truth tellers. Not only do they play a vital role in your beauty routine, but they also play an important role in body language, revealing your immediate evaluations, unspoken requests, and even reveal your true emotions. Here we identify the emotions, together with a step by step guide for how to create them.



A happy brow is a relaxed, neutral brow, riding calmly over eyes with slightly tightened lower lids and radiating laugh lines out of each side.

How to create –

When filling in your brows, measure from the outer portion of the nose, across the centre of the eye and that will show you where your brow is naturally the highest. Simply take a micro-lining pencil like Precisely, My Brow pencil and begin making a few strokes slightly above that natural hair line, adding height to the arch.


It begins with relaxed brows, and a slight knowing smile. Then, when the moment is right, a subtly raised brow.

How to create –

Ka-brow! is a cream-gel that helps create smooth lines along the perimeter of the brow which is key when creating this look. Highlighting underneath the brow is also a must, so try Highbrow Glow, to open up the eye.


Slightly furrowed just above the nose, its effect is given an extra dose of attitude with a provocatively arched eyebrow.

How to create –

To fake a bit more off a furrowed look, simply bring the brows closer together. Chances are there will be a lack of hair so a combination of wax and powder, like Brow zings, works best when you’re trying to create a shape that’s not quite there. Just remember to create a gentle fade by blending the product through the entire brow. 


Confidence is the absence of anger or distress, so the brows ride neither high nor low and don’t scrunch together. They are calm and neutral, framing eyes.

How to create –

To give your brows a confidence boost you need to enhance their natural shape, so grooming is key. Then use Goof Proof Brow Pencil to help create a wash of colour across the brow without looking too harsh. 


Both the eyebrows and eyelids may be lowered slightly, the nose may be wrinkled, and the lips tightened sideways.

How to create –

If you don’t want your brows to give away your secrets, lock them on with 24-hour setting and shaping gel, HR Brow Setter. Once you shape and fill your brows, simply sweep the wand through the hair to set them.


The eyebrows produce the signature move in a sad face, they’re brought together above the nose, but lowered at the sides and raised up in the middle, sending ripples up the forehead.

How to create –

When filling in your brows you’ll want to bring the front portion slightly closer together by moving it inward a few millimetres as well as slightly lower. Using a few flicks of Precisely my brow

Pencil, start at the base and work upward towards the hairline, also extending at the sides.


Brows are pulled down over the eyes and compressed together over the nose in a furrowed, corrugated crumple, punctuating wide open eyes.

How to create –

Start by creating a line along the base of the brow to straighten out the arches. Instead of following your natural taper, simply use your orbital bone as a guide. Then use Ka – brow! to start filling in the brow by brushing the formula upwards through the hair.