Break the Bias: The New Self-Care Concept Encourage Women to Pursue Self-Improvement

Lindsay Judge   |   07-03-2022

Today on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we celebrate women to the fullest. We celebrate their strength, tenacity, and determination. We celebrate their independence to live on their own terms.


We celebrate their freedom to make their own choices, become more self-confident, and take control of how they want to look. Most important of all, we advocate for women to feel great in their own skin. This means empowering, educating, and encouraging women in their pursuit of ‘self-care’ – be it something simple as hair, beauty, makeup and clothes, or something deeply personal like cosmetic treatments.


When we feel and look our best, a renewed sense of self-esteem engulfs us. This euphoria feeds through everything we do. It enhances our self-worth and confidence. It makes us happier. It gives us a greater zest for life. To truly be our ‘best selves’, we need to make informed and confident choices.



Every journey begins with a single step.

To embark on a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery, we first need a support system that addresses any concerns regarding comfort, fear, and trust. But this is where the dilemma arises.


Far too often, self-enhancement – particularly via cosmetic treatments – is the subject of controversies, stigmas, and taboos. An air of secrecy surrounds the topic. Many are reluctant to share their personal experiences with friends and family, while several others are hesitant to seek professional advice for fear of being judged.


Beyond the aesthetic value of treatments, seeking self-care and addressing concerns can unlock our full potential and better our lives to find our best selves. It’s time to openly embrace the idea that true empowerment lies in making positive choices for ourselves. It’s time to unapologetically own our narratives. It’s time to rewrite the rules.


Knowledge is power.

This is the gap that the innovative platform aim to address. The Dubai-based digital portal is the first-of-its-kind to redefine how we discover, compare, and book cosmetic treatments online. The website features educational and informative content curated by selfologi’s medical experts, as well as an extensive directory of renowned practitioners from leading clinics across the UAE – all in one place. User-generated ratings and reviews help to fully empower consumers, demystifying the world of cosmetics treatments and opening honest dialogues about the procedures so that women can make the right choices for themselves.


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