Pick Of The Week: Dior Precious Rocks

Eliza Scarborough   |   13-12-2017

Cool and opulent, the mood of the holiday 2017 collection pits the refinement of precious gems against the rock attitude of the modern Dior woman.


Deep colours, prismatic brilliance and crystalline freshness electrify this season’s creations by Peter Philips.



Golden Light

Diorific Precious Rocks

5 Couleurs Precious Rocks In Emerald

Diorific Precious Rocks loose powder bathes the complexion in a delicate glow, as it sculpts and brightens the face, décolleté and shoulders with a golden shimmer. Add definition to your eye too with the Emerald 5 Couleurs Precious Rocks palette, where opulence permeates the emerald green, grey and pink.



For The Beauty Of It

Diorific Khôl In Intense Garnet

The first Dior kohl for the lips, Diorific Khôl with a faceted stick for ultra-precise application delivers intense, powdery matte, long-wearing colour.



All That Glitters

5 Couleurs Precious Rocks In Ruby

Diorific Vernis In Amethyst

Compacted like the facets of a cabochon, the 5 Couleurs palette fulfils a desire to be unique and precious. The Ruby palette features a sumptuous red alongside browns, burgundies and ivory streaked with shimmer and gold. Team it with the complementing Diorific Vernis, which takes a cue from the vibrancy and colour of gemstones.



Finishing Sparkles

Diorific Vernis Liner In Precious Rocks

With a stroke of its liner brush, Diorific Vernis Liner delivers clear varnish strewn with gold, platinum, and silver glitter in various sizes to play with festive nail art.



Colour Finery

Diorific Matte Fluid In Glory

Diorific Matte Fluid tinges lips and cheeks with a matte texture in subtle nude or fiery red.


Photographer: Henry Pascual