Dior presents ‘The Art of Color’ exhibition in Dubai Mall

Natalie Hanson   |   12-04-2017

Today, the House of Dior unveiled the ‘DIOR, THE ART OF COLOR’ exhibition in the Fashion Catwalk Atrium at The Dubai Mall. Peter Philips, the Image and Creative Director for Dior Makeup and Bella Hadid, the face of Dior Makeup were both present at the event.


The exhibition celebrates the launch of a book that explores Dior’s passion for colour and invites major names behind the House Makeup to take inspiration from twelve key shades. These are illustrated through sumptuous photographs and compared to great works of art.

Dior, The Art of Color Image2

Through the journey, Peter Philips, Tyen and Serge Lutens talk about their own creative processes and delve into the rich history of Dior Beauty.

In 1967, Dior chose Serge Lutens as its first Artistic and Image Director for Makeup who demonstrated his flamboyance and creative freedom during these early years for the House. Tyen arrived at Dior in 1980 and impressed with his versatile talent and bold use of colour. Today, Peter Philips has a radically modern approach which has contributed to the upsurge of Dior Makeup. However, he still always emphasizes the importance of colour and how it has shaped the House’s destiny.

Author Jerry Stafford and Art Director Marc Ascoli participated in the creation of ‘Dior, The Art of Color’ which revisits these artists’ worlds in twelve chapters that each have a different colour as their theme. Each chapter presents a makeup look inspired and illustrated by a major photographer such as Guy Bourdin and Richard Burbridge. Each colour also evokes a work of art by famous names such as Warhol, Picasso and Buffet. In this book, ‘Dior, The Art of Color,’ multiple influences cross paths to create a vibrant tribute to a House that embraces and makes women happy through its audacious use of colour.

The exhibition will run from 12th April 2017 to 23rd April 2017 in the Fashion Catwalk Atrium at The Dubai Mall.