Dior Reveals The New Collection of J’adore Scented Bodycare

Lindsay Judge   |   26-03-2023

Dior presents Les Adorables, the new collection of scented body care featuring its signature J’adore scent.


Comprising of body cream, shimmering body gel and shimmering body scrub the collection offers a complete body ritual.


The collection features a new formula with revisited textures, reinforced benefits, an enhanced design and of course, the iconic scent of the Maison’s J’adore eau de parfum.

Each product was developed according to its distinctive features, benefiting from Dior’s formulation expertise.


The new Shimmering body scrub

An audacious new creation, this shimmering exfoliant, unprecedented in the world of fine perfumery, makes its appearance in this sumptuously scented body care ritual. Enriched in jasmine extract and imbued with 24-carat gold particles, its texture transforms on contact with water into a milky fluid that gently exfoliates the skin, to provide it with comfort and glow. Sensorial and subtly scented, this new exfoliant is the indispensable preliminary to the Body cream and the Shimmering body gel.


The new Body cream

Enriched in Jasmine wax and Cotton Nectar, the Body cream benefits from a formula containing over 90% natural origin ingredients. Nourishing and hydrating, its smooth, fine texture is easily absorbed and leaves the skin soft and satiny, subtly scented with the freshest notes of J’adore.



The new Shimmering body gel

As enchanting as ever, the skin-enhancing Shimmering body gel infused with 24-carat gold particles is now enriched with Jasmine Extract and offers a formula developed with more than 96% natural origin ingredients. Fresh and light when applied to the décolleté or the shoulders, its transparent gel texture is immediately absorbed and enhances the skin with an iridescent sheen, for a lasting golden glow.


The collection is presented in a limited-edition ritual set, available in a selection of Dior boutiques and at Dior.com.