Dior Unveils Its New Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum

Lindsay Judge   |   02-05-2021

Dior’s new Super Potent Eye Serum is taking skincare technology to the next level, we discover more about the latest launch



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A recent study by Dior showed that our eyes determine 80% of our perceived age and 62% of our attractiveness to others. Especially in the current times when much of our faces are hidden behind a mask, our eyes reveal so much about us as people and we must preserve their beauty. Dior’s new Super Potent Eye Serum is revolutionising the eye area with its unique approach to science and beauty. Its unique transformative potential unveils the full power of the eyes at any age. “What is really striking is that the cosmetic industry is an innovation-based industry and there are innovations all the time. It never stops.” Said Patrick Choisy, Head of the Department of Innovation Natural Materials and Sustainable Development at LVMH Recherche. The innovation in this product is based on neuroscience. Years of research have looked at the power of our eyes and whether that power can be quantified and therefore increased. The impact of our lifestyle on our eyes is huge. From over-exposition to screens, sunlight, lack of sleep and tiredness, all of these elements can increase the rate of ageing and have a profound effect on our eyes. Dior experts have compared the latest knowledge in psychology, anatomy, aesthetics and neuroscience to develop a product that puts healthy, youthful-looking eyes at the forefront.


Patrick Choisy, Head of the Department of Innovation Natural Materials and Sustainable Development at LVMH Recherche


Dior Science developed an innovative protocol that calls on Eye Tracking, a methodology prised by scientists that scientifically proved that when viewers evaluate a new face, they automatically focus on the eye area. This is the power of our eyes and it is something that evolves with age and needs to be carefully nurtured. We know that ageing in the eye area is universal. But Dior wanted to discover more, so they launched a study with an inclusive approach to understand, measure and decipher the evolution of the eyes according to features. The study resulted in the founding of The Eye Power Index; a universal index of the signs of ageing in the eye area. By highlighting nine signs of ageing in the eyes, Dior was about to measure ageing in the eye area in an objective and universal manner for the first time.


In their research for the Eye Power Index, Dior Science identified two biological processes that lie behind the signs of ageing. Firstly, the eye area possesses fewer cutaneous mother cells. With age, the number of these cells doesn’t change but their energy potential is reduced by 50%. This discovery represents a major step forward in understanding ageing and lies behind the uniqueness and performance of the Capture Totale range. In the eye area, the skin is twice as fine as that in the cheeks. With age, cells in this area lose their energy and the area suffers a reduction in tonicity and requires skincare with targeted action.



Bring in Capture Totale, a range that has been pushing the frontiers and limits of cosmetics since it began. The new game-changing Super Potent Eye Serum features a formula of 92% natural ingredients, combined with a revolutionary applicator capable of increasing effectiveness with a special massage. “As far as the product is concerned, the way you apply it and the applicator is fundamental.” Explains Patrick Choisy. “You’ve seen the tutorials, and the application method of the product makes sense, you have to go from the inside to outside of the eye because that’s where the fine lines are.” This newly designed 3D Cryo-Flex applicator featured dual-patented innovation that increases the effectiveness of the product with every application. The flexible neck enables 360 application to every millimetre of the eye up to the brow bone. The applicator glides over the skin in optimal fashion, without any bumps or irritating and rubbing. Similar to a cutaneous massage protocol, the 3D-Cryo Flex applicator mechanically stimulates the skin. The entire area seems drained thanks to the seven micro-waves whose contours act according to the principles of acupressure. Deep within, micro-circulation seems stimulated and the area is instantly lifted and opened.


When it comes to the ingredients there are three key active ingredients in the formula. At the heart of the formula lies Longoza. Sourced on the island of Madagascar, Longoza is an extraordinary plant that has the power to grow back even when scorched by flames. “Longoza has a special intuition, it literally means “eternal” in Madagascan so that was the first clue.” Explains Choisy. The ingredient was first discovered in 1992 but it wasn’t until 2006 that it was ready for use within the Capture Totale range. “The procurement of the plants in Madagascar is not easy.” Said Choisy. “You have to establish confidence with the communities there, you have to work around the women who are harvesting the Longoza and it was a very long process to set up.” He continues; “then we decided to have a continuous improvement process where every year we have a programme that ensures that there will be improvements in the quality of what we are doing and the quality of life of the people working for us.” But this plant is worth the hard work because of its unique properties. “It is one of the first to start to grow again after the soil is burnt during harvesting and it has a vital power. So it takes a lot of time to secure the ingredient, a lot of time to secure the excellency, and then continuous improvement in order to reduce our impact on the environment and to progressively discover the biological functions of the plant.” Said Choisy. He finished by saying; “every year we have new results because we know the plant better and we can extract the ingredient more efficiently in order to make the chemicals more efficient in the next generation. It’s a huge amount of work.”



Once the ingredient is sourced in Madagascar there is a long process that it enters. Longoza extract, cultivated in the Dior gardens of Madagascar, undergoes a rigorous eco-transformation procedure, guaranteeing that the full potential of its seeds is preserved. The technology stemming from Longoza, the bio-cellular Longoza complex, helps to stimulate the regenerative power of cutaneous mother cells, which are even more precious in an area of the face where they are less abundant. It acts as a wave of energy, to help completely revitalise the eye area. Two further active ingredients, Active Rye and Acetylated hyaluronic acid firm and penetrate the skin for a plumping, hydrating effect.


When making a product such as this real, visible results are crucial and this was key in the development of the serum. The texture of Super Potent Eye Serum is both light and comfortable, refreshing and milky. It penetrates immediately, as though fusing with the eye area. But Dior wanted something more to ensure that the product was applied in a way that it would get straight to work. So Dior facialists developed a four-step Alpha massage technique for application. With successive applications of one minute per massage, a relaxing effect is seen in the facial muscles. Thanks to this daily routine, the eye area is firmer and energized. The power of the eyes is increased. See the step-by-step guide to application below:




In one application, this exercise refreshes the entire eye area. 

Draw the alpha symbol starting at the temple and moving towards the lower eyelid pressing as you move to the inner corner, then move up to the upper eyelid.

Repeat 2 to 3 times on each eye to reduce puffiness, refresh and awaken the eyes.



Ideal to soften dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Begin by gliding the applicator across the lower eyelid, from the inner to the outer corners of the eye, to illuminate dark circles and smooth wrinkles.

On the upper eyelid, carry out the same movement from the inner corner following the eyebrow to the crow’s feet.

Repeat 2 or 3 times on each eye to alleviate eye imperfections.



The power of youth in 30 seconds per day.

Lift the upper eyelid and move the applicator across the brow bone, smoothing and stretching the eyebrow upwards to lift the eye toward the brow bone.

Repeat 2 or 3 times on each eyelid to fight drooping, to lift and firm.




Without the applicator, lift the end of the eyebrow and carry out a rolling massage movement with the fingertips.

5 seconds on each eyebrow to re-sculpt, redefine and lift the eyebrow.


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