Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Has a New Look Inspired By the Brand’s Fashion Designs

Lindsay Judge   |   10-12-2019

Dolce & Gabbana Beauty has a revamped design that pays tribute to women and their innate charm.

The latest make-up collection from the brand is designed with one mission in mind: to empower women, bring them joy, confidence and make them feel like a “Queen” in their everyday life. The campaign highlights the inclusiveness of the collection with women from all ages and nationalities displaying a natural and glowing complexion.



The make-up products feature new and advanced textures that used the latest in technology to develop products that not only make every woman look her best self but also are kinder and nurturing to the skin. Featuring Mediterranean fig extract and organic Italian olive oil, activated by hyaluronic acid, each product in the collection is hydrating and illuminating on the skin to capture the healthy glow of every woman.



Inspired by the brand’s fashion collections, the packaging is bright and colourful featuring iconic prints and designs have been previously seen in throughout the ready-to-wear collections. The prints include classic baroque, animalier, black lace and roses and flowers – each one highlighting and aspect of the house and designed for a different kind of woman.

The “Solar Glow” products are designed to replicate a woman’s glow after a sun-drenched Sicilian getaway. New products include the Solar Glow Universal Bronzing Drops and the Mediterranean Glow Complex, designed to create a natural and warm glow on the skin.



As part of the “Flawless Complexion” offering, you’ll find the new Secret Veil and Gloriouskin designed to enhance and illuminate the women’s natural complexion.



The “Passionate Lips” collection represents passion and sensuality – two aspects that are crucial to the Dolce & Gabbana woman. The colours are rich with a soft, silky texture that moisturises and enhances the lips. The new Only One Luminous Colour Lipstick enriches the existing lip collections.


“Collection Complexion” provides a natural, healthy blush on the woman’s cheeks. Giving every woman a rosy glow the textures and hues take inspiration from the flowers of the Mediterranean.



The “Eyes of Emotion” collection offers a selection of eye products that can be used to create any level of make-up. Choose from Intenseyes, Passioneyes and Felineyes depending on the intenseness required.

Available exclusively at Sephora and then nationwide across the GCC. 



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