Dr Rose Ingleton, Founder of Rose Ingleton MD Shares Her Inspiration And Her Secrets To Success

Lindsay Judge   |   24-04-2021

Born and raised in Jamaica, Dr Rose Ingleton had a dream to bring a part of her heritage to her own skincare brand.

After working as a dermatologist for over twenty years, Dr Ingleton started her skincare line that brings together ingredients inspired by the island of Jamaica. Ingleton wanted to bring the ease and beauty of island life to her work and she decided to do that through a clean, effortless skincare line. The essence of Jamaica is present throughout all of the products with ingredients derived from the island, as well as the simplicity of the skincare routines. Dr Ingleton believes in simplicity and consistency and it is these two values that fuel her passion as a doctor and entrepreneur. Each product in Dr Ingleton’s line addresses the most common skin concerns: anti-ageing, blemishes, dullness, redness, and hydration. At the core of the brand is the Jamaican SuperFruit Blend; a secret blend of five highly concentrated extracts that promote a youthful, more radiant complexion. We discover more.


What do you believe are the main factors that affect our skin today and what can we do to combat them?

The main factors that affect our skin are environmental pollutants and excessive sun exposure. To combat the environmental pollutants that we encounter when we go outdoors each day (e.g. cigarette smoke, pollution, etc) I usually recommend incorporating high levels of antioxidants into both your diet through fish oils, salmon, blueberries etc. and into your skincare through Vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin B3/niacinamide. To protect your skin against sun damage I recommend routine daily use of sunscreen before leaving home each day.



We recently saw you participating in the Net-A-Porter Beauty Festival – why do you think it’s important for women to talk about beauty and wellness today?

It is important for women to talk about beauty and wellness because this is also a part of the package of general healthcare and self-care. Taking care of your skin and your wellness are just as important as taking care of your physical and mental health.


You spoke of using skincare that works for you – how do we go about defining what our skin needs and finding the right products?

Defining which skincare products are right for your skin requires you to first look in the mirror and do an assessment of what you see and what you would like to improve on. Once you identify what the skin concerns are, then you should shop for products that specifically target these issues and nothing else. Do go for the most famous or the most product, instead, be specific and targeted in your product selection. Read the packaging. The information you need to assist you in selecting should be all there. I also recommend choosing products that are clean and backed by science, and most importantly easy-to-use. Keep your regimen simple, so that you are more likely to stay consistent. And finally, give the products time to work. Don’t switch constantly from product to product.



What can you tell us about your skincare products and what makes them unique?

My skincare products were inspired by my patients’ specific needs as seen in my dermatology practice over the past two decades. Additionally, my line was inspired by my home island of Jamaica. I created a “secret sauce” which I named the Jamaican SuperFruit Blend. It is made up of five fruit extracts that are native to Jamaica and also have proven skin benefits. My products are unique because of this blend, and because it was designed based on my clinical experience with thousands of patients over the years as I helped them to successfully address their most common skincare concerns. Another unique feature is that it’s a simple two-step effective regimen: a booster serum + a moisturizer. Everything you would need is packed into two individual products. Simple.


What is your position on natural vs. non-natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients to me imply that they are derived from nature. My product line incorporates fruit ingredients derived from nature (extracts of oranges, lemon, sugarcane, bilberry and sugar maple) and that is a very appealing feature to today’s consumers as they strive to use products that are as “clean” as possible. However, these ingredients are still being manufactured in a lab, not picked from the tree and put into a jar. The selection of non-carcinogenic ingredients and the avoidance of artificial fragrance and parabens etc. also add to the appeal of “natural” products. I interpret “non-natural” to mean that all the ingredients are from man-made chemicals.



What is the minimum we can all be doing when it comes to our skincare routine?

Keep it simple and stay consistent. At a minimum, I would say: Wash your face (especially at the end of the day), always wear an antioxidant and sunscreen before heading out. Always apply a targeted skincare product at night before going to bed.


What is something you would recommend for women in the Middle East particularly those who are living in a hot, humid climate?

Always wear a serum that is rich in antioxidants (like vitamin C, vitamin E, niacinamide) before heading out into the elements. It is really important to protect your skin from the impact of the hot sun, wind and air pollution that might be encountered when outdoors. And definitely always wear a sun protection moisturiser. This can be a very lightweight product which is better suited for humid climates and might even slightly tinted so that you can get a subtle hint of colour without having to wear heavy make-up.



We know you are very passionate about the industry being inclusive – what do you think luxury brands should be doing to increase their awareness of this and become more inclusive?

I would love to see more inclusiveness in the luxury brand sector, especially by having more brands created by people of colour represented on the shelves of luxury retailers. I would love to see better colour palettes that are more “inclusive” and representative of the wide variety of skin hues in society. There should be more options for darker-skinned individuals, and these products should be made with the highest quality ingredients. Essentially, I want to see more truly inclusive luxury products.


What is your top skincare tip?

Always wash your face at the end of the day! It is imperative that you get rid of all the dirt, pollution, make-up and grime from your skin before going to bed.


What would you still like to achieve that you haven’t done yet?

It relates to product development. I am currently on a mission to create the best mineral-based sunscreen that will look perfect even on darker skin. Finding such a product that does not look grey or pasty white on darker skin has been my “pet peeve” for many years and I am convinced that I can figure this out. Stay tuned!



In this issue we talk about International Women’s Day – what advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

I would encourage them to look to the many examples of other female entrepreneurs who came before them and reach out to them for some mentoring. We are very fortunate to be living in a time when there are so many brilliant female entrepreneurs who have figured out what it takes to be successful. You can always learn from them, even if they are from a completely different industry than yours, and hopefully strategically bypass many of the mistakes and difficulties that women encounter on their path in business.


What was and is the biggest challenge you face with spreading your message to others?

My greatest challenge has been navigating social media and maximising my reach to my audience there, but doing so organically. It has been a very effective medium for me as I get great responses to my appearances on IG Live and IGTV events. In the coming year, I will work with marketing and social media experts discover how to continue to grow my footprint there.


What is the motto you live by?

Simplicity and consistency are the keys to life. Both in life in general and in skincare.



What is the one product you could not live without?

The perfect all-in-one moisturiser. That would be the ROSE Ingleton MD Signature Moisturizer.


Rose Ingleton MD products are available at net-a-porter.com