Dries Van Noten Launches a Beauty Collection

Lindsay Judge   |   26-12-2022

Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten has unveiled a beauty collection of makeup and fragrances.


Inspired by the house’s striking design codes the beauty collection’s packaging follows the same themes with stylish, bold and colourful designs.


The products and the ethical packaging were made using unlikely combinations of materials including many beauty industry firsts that celebrate craftsmanship and industrial innovations. The ingredients used in the compositions provoke sensorial surprise with many unexpected combinations.



Much like the brand’s fashion creations the Dries Van Noten perfume offering features unexpected combinations and scents.


Dries Van Noten invited some of the leading international perfumers to co-create fragrances, each interpreting and sharing their own creative vision of the brand’s unexpected olfactive universe. The result is contradictory, rule-breaking, game-changing genderless fragrances which still pay homage to traditional perfumery gestures with bottles inspired by apothecary vials. This traditionally modern collection includes classic Eau de colognes, soap bars and scented creams in impossible combinations that coexist beautifully.



The fragrance collection is housed in ethical packaging as well as refillable bottles. An innovative, sustainable design development process uses materials that include responsibly sourced, recyclable materials such as glass and aluminium, and PEFC® certified wood from sustainably managed forests. The fragrances feature from 85% upwards natural origin ingredients; makeup is animal-friendly and enriched with rosehip oil.


The makeup collection is inspired by the designer’s many fashion shows and experiences over the year. “Make-up is magic: it’s the way you want to show yourself, to express yourself and how you feel at a certain moment.” Said Dries Van Noten.



The perfect balance of elegance and surprise is Dries’ make-up signature, realised with the help of a creative talent pool generating dynamic conversations that lie at the heart of the Dries Van Noten beauty vision. As an introduction to Dries’ vision on make-up, the lipstick comes first, to be followed by a complete collection for the face, eyes and nails, that represent the world of impossible combinations unique to Dries.


Dries Van Noten Beauty is available in the Middle East exclusively at Harvey Nichols Kuwait.