Cartier Presents Three New Fragrances

Lindsay Judge   |   24-08-2020

Cartier’s new perfumes are created as three irresistible pieces of jewellery.


Introducing the first trio of Les Épures de Parfum, Cartier presents these pieces as beautiful objects, designed to evoke the same emotions as buying a new piece of high jewellery.



Developed by Cartier perfumer, Mathilde Laurent she captures a sense of life and spontaneous freshness with these three unique scents.


This luxurious collection is aimed at men and women who are searching for an olfactory beauty that is simple rather than sophisticated.


The three perfumes; Pur Muguet, Pur Kinkan, and Pur Magnolia are three ultra-realistic, striking and vibrant olfactory pieces. They don’t just smell great they look beautiful too.


Pue Muguet is a contemporary vision including the raw ingredient of Lily-of-the-valley. Pur Kinkan is A fragrance so light it can be enjoyed before it even touches the skin. The purest form of citrus. And Pur Magnolia is a magnolia scent full of freshness and radiance.



With this collection, Cartier is celebrating the original resonance and beauty of living nature. A creative challenge which involves giving the illusion of nature “bottled” in an instant.