Cartier Relaunches Its Pasha de Cartier Fragrance

Lindsay Judge   |   02-09-2020

Originally launched in 1992 the Pasha de Cartier Eau de Toilette became the symbol of an era, with a hedonistic trail that explores all the facets of lavender: aromatic, mineral, ozonic.


Now for fall 2020, it returns with a new edition featuring depth and warmth from the addition of amber. The fullness emerges and the heat spreads, woody like a crackling fire, smooth with sandalwood notes.



A scent in keeping with today’s generation, a talented community who owes its success to bold choices. Their creative and expansive vision of the world allows this exceptional pairing. A great classic, the Pasha de Cartier perfume, is partnered with an utterly contemporary and off-beat allure.



Housed in a bottle that represents innovation and a dynamic lifestyle, it was inspired by the Pasha de Cartier watch and is truly unique to the brand.


The Pasha De Cartier fragrance will be available from September.