Discover The Middle Eastern Born Perfume Brand OJAR

Lindsay Judge   |   19-01-2021

The region’s newest perfume brand OJAR brings together the scents of the East and Western worlds.


Founded by Sheikha Hind Bahwan, luxury fragrance line OJAR pays tribute to the art and rituals of Middle Eastern perfume making. The Omani founder wanted to make a statement of modernity and traditional harmony through her fragrance creations that take inspiration from the landscape and surroundings of the UAE.


OJAR comes from the word HOJARI which is widely regarded as the finest quality of Frankincense resin in the world and found in Oman’s Dhofar mountains. So it’s no surprise that Frankincense is one of the key ingredients of the collection.


“I see perfume as a lifestyle, it is a signature that you bring wherever you go.” Said Hind Bahwan.


OJAR partnered with renowned Swiss perfume house Givaudan on the creation of the perfumes. All of the perfumes in the collection are unisex and the 18 scents were all created based on six core ingredients: Oud, Rose, Frankincense, Honey, Sandalwood and Musk.


See the collection below:



Sweet and warm these perfumes are floral oriental with glamorous honey.




Rose is the queen of the flowers, embodying romance, power, beauty and fineness in all its glory.




Musk is an enigma, pure yet complex. The effect of a pheromone whispering with nuance and radiance.



Frankincense is the blood running through the veins of the land. Harvested as a precious resin, its smoky tones are the signature of mystery and elegance.




Oud represents the pinnacle of Arabian luxury. It discloses perfect chemistry of leathery, smoky, ambery and animalic notes leaving a mesmerizing and everlasting trail wherever it goes.



Sandalwood’s story is about time, years of maturation to develop smooth, rounded and profound aromas. It is the soul of the wood.



The hero products of the brand is its “Absolute” This is an alcohol-free perfume oil that is 25 per cent concentrated and lasts for 10 hours. The Absolute comes in a 20ml travel-friendly format so you can carry your favourite fragrance with you wherever you go.


Each fragrance is priced at AED590 and is available to buy at