Elie Saab Unveils a New Fragrance For the Independent Woman

Lindsay Judge   |   24-09-2022

Elie Saab has unveiled a new fragrance for the beautiful independent woman.


Girl of Now Lovely embodies a free-spirited creative woman with a combination of delicate flowers and blossoms with a hint of fruitiness.


Featuring the same base that is present in the Elie Saab, Girl of Now perfume the new Eau de Parfum features orange blossom with a hint of bitter white almond syrup.



“Girl of Now Lovely has that classic je-ne-sais-quoi although sparkling with elements of youth,” says Dominique Ropion, Master Perfumer.


This fresh scent combines a thirst-quenching zesty mandarin, fresh mint, wild blackcurrant buds and juicy pear.


Heart notes add floral character with milk orange blossom, a hint of rose and charms of honeyed notes and sun-drenched frangipani flowers. Aniseed blend and almond harmony combine for a unique flavour.


And finally, background notes come in the form of two expressions of patchouli, one lively, the other a warm, amber-scented profile.



Fresh, fruity and floral with a rich floral centre, this light refreshing perfume is undeniably addictive with its warm undertone.


The new version of the iconic bottle blossoms into a two-colour reverie, an energising coral pink liquid and a cap decorated with the extraordinary Girl of Now flower, whose aniseed-green petals quench the thirst for freedom among defiant youth.


“Like Haute Couture, perfume is the theatre of dreams,”  Said Elie Saab, Couturier and Designer.


Available now at stores across the region.