Guerlain Presents Exclusive Partnership With Middle Eastern Artist

Lindsay Judge   |   12-05-2021

Guerlain has unveiled a new collaboration with artist Tarek Benaoum who has put his own twist on the iconic Absolus D’Orient Collection.


Inspired by Guerlain’s emblematic double G Benaoum has created designs that cast a light on the woody scents of the collation: Santal Royal, Oud Essentiel and Patchouli Ardent.


Tarek Benaoum


His golden arabesque patterns are to be displayed at all points of sale across the Middle East, as well as on special event boxes, making them the perfect Eid gifts.


The collaboration marks the second in partnership with artist Tarek Benaoum as he first partnered with the brand in 2019 for the fifth anniversary of the Santal Royal fragrance.



The Absolus D’Orient Collection first debuted in 2014 and has become an icon since its first launch, growing with new fragrances being added across the years. Devised Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, the fragrances elevate woody notes and rich scents that resonate perfectly with the region.



Before designing each composition, the Wasser dives into each raw essence to explore its scent and soak in every nuance. Thanks to this complete understanding of the raw material he can then amplify its quintessential nature and highlight the richness of its texture as well as the beauty of its wood grains.



With this collaboration, Tarek Benaoum also enhances the noble woods that have inspired Thierry Wasser with this collection. With an enchanting dance, his brushstrokes outline a calligraphic motif across each wood. Gold-coloured pigments radiate with pure light to reveal wood’s sombre shades. Through its exquisite elegance and sophistication, the artist’s creation reveals contrasts and brings out the raw beauty of the natural materials.


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