Miley Cyrus is the Face of Gucci Beauty’s New Fragrance For Women

Lindsay Judge   |   01-08-2021

Miley Cyrus stars as the face of Gucci Beauty’s newest fragrance for women with Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia.


Relaunching this August the new, refined Eau de Parfum is floral yet delicately sweet and represents a world of infinite possibilities. This highly concentrated formula is a joyful floral scent built around the Gardenia flower, an ingredient admired for its splendour. This White Gardenia note is blended with solar Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute and introduced by a cheerful Pear Blossom accord which encourages wearers to burst with joy, while a touch of Brown Sugar accord adds a delicate sweetness to its sillage.



“Fragrances are explorations and flowers, in particular, represent a world of infinite possibilities. Just as you can delight in drawing out different notes from a bouquet—in this case, the Gardenia, whose scent is unusual, sensual and intense—for the campaign, I had fun building a surreal and enchanting world around Miley Cyrus, creating a playful contrast between this artist with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit and a flowery universe.” Says Alessandro Michele, Creative Director at Gucci.


The launch of the fragrance is accompanied by a campaign starring pop icon Miley Cyrus. Directed and shot by artist Petra Collins, the #FloraFantasy campaign is a journey through a candy pink world, inspired by Japanese anime and filled with pop references. Miley Cyrus is surrounded by a world of candy pink props inspired by Japanese anime and filled with pop references.




“The Flora Gorgeous Gardenia campaign is a challenge to reinterpret the world of flowers in an unexpected way. The inspiration comes from Miley Cyrus, an artist with a spirit that is both rock ‘n’ roll and eclectic at the same time… Because who says that someone with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude can’t live in a world of flowers and embody the Flora universe?” Said Michele.


This fragrance is now available at outlets across the region.