The Newest Fragrances To Discover In Summer 2024

Lindsay Judge   |   21-06-2024

Here are some of the best new releases to try out this season.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic

As part of this year’s Loewe Paula’s Ibiza collection, the Cosmic Eau De Parfum captures the spirit of Ibiza and the sunny appeal of the party island. This hypnotic scent for men and women is suffused with playfulness, fun, and experimentation and features notes of fresh pear and juicy mango, layered with aromatic cypress resin. Sweet, gourmand coconut cream and vanilla are amplified by the depth of cedarwood, the softness of sandalwood and the minerality of amber. Underling the composition, the unique and exclusive LOEWE Accord, created by LOEWE’s in-house perfumer Nuria Cruelles as an olfactory signature for the house, brings the raw, resinous aspects of the Spanish Rockrose wildflower to deepen Cosmic’s resonance. 

Guerlain Vétiver le Parfum

Guerlain’s latest masculine fragrance, Vétiver Le Parfum opens with explosively aromatic notes of delicately bitter juniper berries. This vibrant opening brings out the exceptionally fresh facets of vetiver essence. This rare ingredient, obtained by distilling its roots, is the essence that reveals the full depth of the vetiver plant’s woodiness. Blended with bewitching smoky notes and Guerlain’s characteristically addictive Tonka bean, its scent takes on a sublime balance of luminosity and earthiness, strength and elegance.

Christian Dior, Dioriviera Eau de Parfum

Hailing from Dior’s La Collection Privée Christian Dior range, the Dioriviera fragrance is inspired by the south of France. It combines fig and rose for a floral, fruity composition that evokes a warm summer afternoon. The contrast between the soft rose and the green fig creates a fragrance with a bold and balanced intensity. 

Cartier Pur Lilas 

This lively yet delicate fragrance is based around white lilac flowers whose fresh, aquatic note offers a modern take on florals. The lilac is neither overpowering nor subtle; it’s what we call a ‘mute’ flower. The perfumer must look for subtleties in each olfactory family and rely on both natural and molecular ingredients. “Through my work with this flower, I’ve noticed it has a distinctly musky undertone. ” Says Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s Master Perfumer. 

Celine Zou Zou

Celine’s new Haute Parfumerie fragrance Zou Zou was created by Hedi Slimane whose vision was to capture “an idea of eternal youth”. The scent, which joins the brand’s high-end fragrance offering, combines notes of benzoin, tonka bear, patchouli, labranum, vanilla and musk. 

Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves 

Inspired by the euphoria sparked upon an unexpected encounter, Attrape-Rêves is the essence of a transcendent voyage—the fulfilling adventure of realising your dream, eternally enshrined in the memory. An empowering composition full of explosive contrasts and elusive elegance, a bouquet of peonies entwined with raw cocoa powder and a hint of patchouli heart—enlivened by the fresh and sparkling notes of litchi.

Valentino, Born in Roma Green Stravaganza 

Valentino’s newest scent for men, Born in Roma Green Stravaganza is inspired by the house’s home city of Rome. Set in the aftermath of a party continued into the long hours of night, the day after energetically commences, and the fragrance is born: a floral-ambery woody Eau de Parfum that promises to open the door to a world of extravagance and uniqueness.

Thameen London Bold As Love

Thameen London has introduced a new scent to its Britologne Collection. Bold As Love features a 25% concentration with the classical structure of cologne layering over faceted nuances of Eau de Parfum, projecting memorable silage and longevity. Inspired by Hendrix’s sensuality, soulful artistry and complexity of emotions, this fragrance is just as bold and poignant. This citrusy aromatic fragrance combines top notes of mandarin, ginger and fruity accord, heart notes of lavender, juniper berry and geranium and base notes of smoky leather, patchouli and vetiver.

Dries Van Noten Mystic Moss 

Mystic Moss highlights Dries Van Noten’s commitment to innovation, blending earthy patchouli, mineral oak moss, and vibrant mandarin in a harmonious symphony of scents. Inspired by ‘impossible combinations,’ this fragrance defies expectations and invites exploration. Crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients, including oak moss from Macedonia and mandarins from Calabria, Mystic Moss is not just luxurious but socially responsible. Encased in a sculptural bottle reminiscent of the apothecary tradition, it invites readers on a journey of duality and discovery.