Get the Hermès Glow This Festive Season

Lindsay Judge   |   12-12-2021

Hermès has unveiled a new beauty product just in time for the holidays.


The Poudre D’Orfèvre, Face and Eyes Illuminating powder is a precious limited edition powder that will add a golden glow to your makeup look.


Housed in a refillable white lacquered circle the features its own mirror and a magnetic closure.


The multi-use powder is embossed with the Hermès ex-libris and is compressed to form its distinctive chiselled, engraved and polished appearance.


The jewel-like powder is inspired by goldsmithing know-how and the golden hue of the case. It carries the memory of ancestral gestures that shape metal using hammers, chisels and engraving irons to reveal softness and finesse.

The transparent core formula of Poudre d’orfèvre, with its high concentration of golden mother-of-pearl, offers perfection in reflected light.


The powder can be swept over the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the browbone to enhance and elevate the face. It can also be worn on the body.


This 2021 limited edition version is available at selected Hermès retail outlets around the world.