Guerlain for Bees Conservation Programme

Fiona Lee   |   20-05-2022

20th May 2022 marks the latest edition of World Bee Day and Guerlain is calling for assistance from its communities around the world in support of its Bee Conservation Program. We discover how you can BEE involved.


Can you imagine a world without bees? If this fuzzy, little, striped insect was to no longer exist, most fruits, flowers and seeds would disappear forever, taking with them an infinite number of irreplaceable colours, flavours and smells. It would completely disrupt the balance of our ecosystem and so the protection of this species is as important as ever.


Across the world, intensive farming, vanishing habitats, climate change and so forth are drastically impacting the health of bees, both wild and domestic. In a commitment to preserving the bee population, Guerlain has developed a Bee Conservation Programme.



Bees have been at the heart of Guerlain since they first graced the iconic Bee Bottle in 1853. The bee has remained a constant source of inspiration for the brand, with honey-infused products and signature bee designs appearing across many of its product packages.


So how can you get involved? Between World Bee Day on 20th May and Biological Diversity Day on 22nd of May, Guerlain will be donating 20% of all its sales to the programme, with the aim of raising €1 million across the three days. Additionally, €20 will be donated for every repost of the visual created by Tomáš Libertíny including the hashtags #GuerlainForBees and #WorldBeeDay.



An applaud to Guerlain for its sustainable efforts and contribution to protecting our BEEautiful planet.