Guerlain Launches Two New Luxury Products For Hair and Skin

Lindsay Judge   |   12-02-2022

After the relaunch of its iconic Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil last year, Guerlain is unveiling two new skincare products with powerful repairing properties: Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-in-Serum and Intense Repair Youth Oil-in-Balm.


Both products are born from Guerlain’s formulatory know-how, combining the richness of oil and lightness of application.



Using dynamic Blackbee repair technology these creations are the products of years of scientific research and expertise. Researchers have demonstrated the Blackbee repair technology’s effectiveness in accelerating the skin’s self-repair mechanisms. By stimulating the connections between nerve cells and skin cells, its action against the signs of ageing – wrinkles and loss of firmness – is boosted.


This is the first time Guerlain enters the realm of hair and scalp care with the new Scalp & Hair Youth Oil-in-Serum. Based on the idea that your skin holds the future of your hair this product looks after the health of your scalp and consequently improves your hair’s overall health.


Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology, which combines the most powerful bee products identified by Guerlain Research, acts on the connections between skin cells and nerve cells for proven action on the skin’s self-repair mechanisms. Applied to the scalp, it dynamises the connections to preserve and strengthen the hair starting at the roots.



To optimise its effectiveness on hair beauty, Guerlain Research has combined it with a complex of active ingredients selected for their action on the hair fibre, including D-Panthenol, known for its plumping and fibre-strengthening action. The result is a serum with a powerful technological core for a dual-action on the scalp and hair.


The serum features 97 per cent of ingredients of natural origin. Its formula is a real technological feat, combining the richness of a nourishing oil, the lightness of refreshing water, and the power of a serum concentrated in honey and royal jelly.


Upon application, the Oil-in-Serum penetrates the scalp and revitalises it without greasing the roots or leaving any residue, while the lengths are lightly coated. Its delicate fragrance with honeyed scents makes it a pleasure to apply.


And secondly, the new Intense Repair Youth Oil-In-Balm has been specially designed for the needs of dry skin weakened by climate conditions (cold, wind, humidity, heat), wearing a mask or being overstressed.



These conditions hinder the skin’s ability to repair itself, making it more prone to the premature signs of ageing.


The Intense Repair Youth Oil-In-Balm therefore responds to this type of skin, which, more than any other, is sensitive to the comfort of generous textures. It offers face and body skin rapid and complete repair, a new youthful glow.


The new additions to the Abeille Royale line are now available at Guerlain stores globally.