Five Makeup Lessons We Learnt From Rihanna

Diana Bell-Heather   |   30-09-2018

Just in case you haven’t noticed your social media feed taken over by snaps of Rihanna, the singer was in Dubai yesterday to host her first ever live makeup class.


fenty beauty rihanna dubai

Wearing Burberry from the Riccardo Tisci collection.


Fenty Beauty Artistry & Beauty Talk With Rihanna saw the star with two of the Fenty Beauty global makeup artists, Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal, present a giddy audience with tips on how to use some of her key products through demonstrations with help of leading models like Halima, and ask Rihanna questions about her own story with makeup.


fenty beauty rihanna dubai


The class ended with a premiere of a new Stunna Lip Paint shade in a deep black shade named ‘Uninvited,’ and then Rihanna headed to 112th floor of the Burj Khalifa to celebrate with selected guests before stopping by at Sephora in the Dubai Mall to greet more of her fans.


She talked about the process of making her beauty brand come to life, showcased some of her skills and gave away a few more secrets about the future of Fenty Beauty. Here is what we took away from the sold out event.


fenty beauty rihanna dubai


Her Mother Inspired Her Love Of Makeup

Rihanna spoke of her mother as the first image of beauty and reflected on her younger self watching her mum apply makeup.


She Uses Two Foundation Shades

Your skin is always changing, and so does Riri’s. From the Fenty range, she normally wears 320 but if she’s tanned then she applies 360.


Fenty Beauty Is Expanding

It was hard for her not to give away too much with the eager fans asking her for mascara’s and eyebrow kits. Although she didn’t confirm on expanding beyond her current lines, she did say that: “There will be no stone left unturned.” She also said that her dream is for clients to go into Sephora and get everything they need from the Fenty Beauty stand without having to look to other brands.


fenty beauty rihanna dubai


She Creates Products That Are Versatile

Throughout the talk she constantly reminded the audience that most of the products were designed to use anywhere on the face, and even body. For her, it’s important to have only a couple of items in her bag that can do it all.


She Also Gets Carried Away With Makeup

Rihanna finds makeup application a sort of ‘therapy’ and can blend over and over again. Sometimes that creates a dramatic look that we’ve seen at various events including the Met Gala in 2017, but on most days she prefers to either focus on the eyes or the lips.