Olivier Echaudemsaison, Guerlain’s Makeup Creative Director on the new KISSKISS Lipstick Launch

Lindsay Judge   |   08-02-2021

As we enter into a new year we all need a little luxury in our lives when it comes to our makeup bags.


Guerlain’s new KISSKISS Tender Matte lipstick is set to be the must-have product for 2021. With its rich, velvety texture that’s designed to be as tender as a kiss, KISSKISS Tender Matte is a new collection of 15 shades for lips that beg to be kissed.


Designed by Olivier Echaudemsaison, Guerlain’s Makeup Creative Director, he drew inspiration from the tenderness of a kiss and wanted to recreate that feeling for every woman who wears this product. The matte texture combines light, seduction and softness to create a lip colour that feels as velvety as it looks. The unique formula which fits seamlessly into the KISSKISS range, looks bold on the lips but feels soft and moisturising to its wearer thanks to its nourishing properties that offer 16 hours of lasting comfort. Available in 15 shades ranging from nude to rosewood to pink, coral and red each one is designed to make you feel instantly irresistible!


The creator of this new lipstick Olivier Echaudemsaison, Guerlain’s Makeup Creative Director has recently celebrated 20 years at the Maison. Having previously worked with the likes of Hubert de Givenchy and Caroline Herrera, Echaudemsaison joined the house in 2000 and has had a great passion and enthusiasm for the House ever since. He has overseen the development of many iconic products as well as working to increase the naturality and sustainability of Guerlain Makeup. Here, we find out more about this exciting launch.



What can you tell us about the new KISSKISS Tender Matte lipstick and why did you decide to create this particular product?

I have drawn inspiration from the tenderness of a kiss with an array of delicate colours. For lips that beg to be kissed. With this matte texture that combines light, seduction and tenderness, the Guerlain House has redefined the art of makeup. From the very first sweep across the lips, KISSKISS Tender Matte’s lightweight texture smoothes on with softness, bringing comfort for a voluptuous and luminous result.


Tell us about some of the choices of ingredients in the product?

There are three active ingredients in the formula: Shea butter for comfort, hyaluronic acid for hydration and rose petal extract for tenderness.



Who is the woman you envision wearing this lipstick?

A playful and trendy woman.


There are 15 shades – what can you tell us about the choice of colours?

The KISSKISS Tender Matte shades are part of four families of softened shades: nude, pink, coral and red. Each woman can find her colour amongst these 15 shades, which have something that suits every mood or style.


What are some tips you can share on choosing the right lipstick shade for you?

Lipstick complements your outfit. It must harmonise. Today, there is a lot more freedom regarding colour harmonies. They are less conventional and not limited by skin tone.



You recently celebrated 20 years at Guerlain – what is it about the brand that has capitated your attention for so many years?

Over the years I have created innovative products for this unique Maison, collaborating with designs on packaging and our laboratories on new textures. The emblematic KISSKISS packaging is, for example, the result of a collaboration with French designer Herve van der Straeten in 2005. Our universe is entirely devoted to feminine beauty and seduction, but above all to giving style and personality to the client.


How do you think makeup at the brand has evolved over the past two decades?

It has evolved through its innovation in packaging, through gestures, but also through a great evolution in formulas. We are drawing on nature for more and more of our inspiration. Our laboratories offer great and unique innovations, combining sensoriality and performance.


In your opinion, what is the secret to creating a makeup product that becomes an icon as many have at Guerlain Makeup?

I will not reveal our secrets! But being part of a passionate, creative team makes me want to surprise and innovate.



What is a product you would still like to develop that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?

A magical, playful product that will, of course, take several month or years) to create, but it will become an essential in your bathroom or purse.


What would you say is the biggest challenge you face today in your role?

To reveal women’s beauty, style and personality while honouring their uniqueness.


We know sustainability is hugely important at the House of Guerlain – what can you tell us about sustainability within Guerlain makeup?

Guerlain has incorporated naturality, innovative formula components and luxurious packaging that is becoming more sustainable and we look to do more of that moving forward.


You have worked with some of the best in the industry – who would you say is your inspiration?

All women, regardless of their age and skin colour.


Who is your makeup muse?

Natalia Vodianova of course! The greatest, most beautiful soul.


What is a lesson you have learnt throughout your career that you can share with us?

To always have enthusiasm and that women always want to be attractive and thanks to makeup; the dream comes true!


This past year has been a strange one for all and many women have changed their makeup routines – have you noticed any changes in customer demand when it comes to makeup and what women are looking for?

Eyes have been a huge focus for women this year and in the Middle East, this has always been the case. But also skincare has become even more important this year. Skin radiance and softness are essential: Abeille Royale is every woman’s ally!


What do you think is the importance of makeup for women during difficult times?

Makeup is a confidence booster that all women need.


Can you share any advice for making sure our lipstick stay on in a time where many of us are wearing facemasks at various points throughout the day?

Firstly, fill your lips with a lip pencil that is the same shade as your lipstick before application. A coat of lipstick on top of a tinted base will stay on for much longer.


What is the professional motto that you live by?

One word: exigence.


What is a message you would like to send to your friends and customers in the Middle East?

Be your best every day. Wear vibrant, joyful, happy colours.