Meet The Founder Behind the Luxury Aesthetics Clinic That’s Changing the Industry

Aeworld   |   27-12-2022

When it comes to aesthetics clinics, luxury is not a word that you would necessarily associate with them, but one brand is determined to change this.


With a flagship clinic located in Chelsea, London, nestled between Knightsbridge and Kensington, Skinfluencer is an aesthetics brand with a unique concept. The clinic offers medical-grade treatments that are backed by cutting-edge science and technology and supported by world-class aesthetic doctors and therapists, including the UK’s most celebrated injector, Dr Paul Charlson.


The clinic’s proven treatment protocols for the face, body and hair for men and women of all ages and skin types uniquely combine and layer advanced non-surgical aesthetic techniques utilising multiple cutting-edge modalities, including energies, injectables and more for refined, natural results. Quite uniquely and in stark contrast to Harley Street practices, the protocols are delivered through a luxury client journey experience in boutique settings, which is probably why the clinic has proved incredibly popular with royals, CEOs, celebrities, beauty editors and high society.


On a mission to redefine the aesthetics industry, Skinfluencer has plans to expand to the US, Europe and the Middle East imminently, as well as launch a complementary skincare line. The visionary behind the brand, Sharin Shafer, previously a coup de force in corporate America and a known face in well-heeled US society, believes skin not only warrants but benefits from investment and this was one of the founding principles behind her establishing the affluent brand. I suffer from melasma and in the past had been given bad advice and undergone treatments that made my condition worse, so I was never happy with my skin,” she says. “I always wanted makeup-free skin, and as a woman in my 50s, I value aesthetic treatments that faithfully help to maintain a natural, youthful appearance and which liberate me from wearing heavy makeup to cover my imperfections.”


Skinfluencer clinic exterior


Intrigued by the advancements in energy-based skincare technologies and aesthetic techniques, Shafer made these the cornerstones of Skinfluencer’s unique menu of protocols, as well as upgrading popular aesthetic go-to favourites such as injectables, IV drips and Profhilo. “Aside from a luxury service whereby we guide our clients through their treatment journey, we truly offer game-changing treatment results,” Shafer says.


The clinic’s ability to treat all manner of skin concerns can be attributed to it being armed with ALL the latest “hero” technologies such as the Cutera Enlighten III, the Fotona Dynamis Pro including its robotic scanners (exclusive available in London at Skinfluencer), the Cutera Secret RF, Cutera ExcelV+, Ultraformer and CoolSculpting – something that few other clinics can boast. But, more importantly and rather exceptionally, the brand’s expert panel of renowned doctors and aestheticians has devised a range of unrivalled protocols that harness an ability to combine and layer energies synergistically. “By manipulating energies such as Radiofrequency, Ultrasound and Light, and ensuring they work in complement to each other, each patented protocol; whose quirky names such as Glow Baby Glow and Pucker Up belie their genius; deliver brilliant results and push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with an aesthetics treatment,” explains Shafer. “In fact, even when it comes to the Profhilo treatment, we have combined it with a laser treatment to create an advanced protocol that will offer enhanced results.”


Another testament to Skinfluencer’s commitment to ensuring optimum health and radiance for every skin type is its clinical team. The brand’s in-house team of doctors and aestheticians are global leaders in their fields; all with a minimum of ten years of experience and are all trained extensively, including completion of “Skinfluencer-U”, which is an intensive training programme to master the bespoke protocols.



“With their expert knowledge, they can curate the treatments to use more advanced parameters and they can also layer the energies from different platforms to create a Rockstar bespoke treatment – both with the aim of creating a unique treatment offering that is optimally effective and which will get unrivalled results,” says Shafer. “Essentially, we have curated the best technologies available on the market and assembled a clinical team of world class doctors and aestheticians who understand how to layer and combine energies and treatment techniques to deliver unrivalled results. This is why we are able to establish protocols which push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve and can say with confidence that there is not a condition we cannot treat. Our protocols address even the most challenging issues such as pigment from sun damage or scarring, acute acne, inflammatory conditions such as melasma or rosacea, uneven tone or texture, and laxity. We don’t just stop at the face, we can also sculpt your body by permanently eliminating fat and tightening loose skin in our dedicated Slimfluencer Suite, as well as offering more medical-based, less glamorous treatments for veins and lesions.”


It is not only about our game-changing treatment results, however, as Skinfluencer also promises a luxury service whereby the team, including dedicated client concierges, guide all clients through their treatment journey. “I have seen so many clients who have been misdiagnosed, improperly treated or sent home with unclear instructions on how to use their post-treatment skincare products, which can often make a condition worse! We feel that it is important to work with our clients to achieve their skin goals, and to support them on their journey,” says Shafer.



Another integral part to the Skinfluencer DNA is the boutique nature of the clinic and the settings were carefully crafted by those who design the interiors for luxury heritage brands. “For me, luxury includes quality, sustainability and an elegance that transcends time and trends,” says Shafer. “Luxury is also about not cutting corners and doing what is right. We selected sustainable materials for everything from our non-toxic paint; which was awarded the elusive “Cradle to Cradle” Gold certification, and actually purifies the air of bacteria and viruses; to our selection of upcycled and eco-friendly materials in our furnishings and fixtures.”


To communicate her vision for Skinfluencer’s interiors to the design team, Shafer referenced heritage fashion brands such as Celine, Dior, and Hermès. “For me, heritage fashion brands represent quality, luxury, and longevity and yet they always remain relevant and fresh,” says Shafer. “I have the exact same vision for Skinfluencer—to be that trusted heritage brand within the aesthetics industry that represents uncompromising quality and luxury. Luxury is also about subtle details that make you feel comfortable and cared for, which is what I want the Skinfluencer experience to represent. Our interiors are just one part of what makes Skinfluencer a luxury experience for our clients.”



As many of Skinfluencer’s clientele are global travellers, Shafer is on a mission for them to be able to enjoy the same Skinfluencer experience, wherever they may be, which is why she has plans to duplicate the concept in key cities around the globe. “By becoming a global skincare destination brand, we can offer our clients the possibility to start their treatment in one city and complete it in another,” she says. No two people have the same skin and no one person has the same issues with his or her skin on any given day — or at every stage — in his or her life. Luckily, we have the experience and technology to create tailored treatment plans for every skin type, age, and condition, whatever it may be and soon it will be a case of wherever you may be too!”


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Words by Maria Stapleton