Salama Mohamed, Founder of Peacefull Skincare Discusses Inclusivity in the Beauty Industry

Lindsay Judge   |   02-02-2022

Emirati entrepreneur Salama Mohamed launched her own skincare line through the need of wanting to find products that are kinder to our skin and also cater for all skin types.


After living with vitiligo from a young age, she found it difficult to buy products that aided her sensitive skin in the way she needed them to. Peacefull was born as a range designed to help men and women be at peace with themselves and to embrace their skin for all its qualities. Created for all skin types and using the best ingredients from Korea, Peacefull offers quality, innovation and inclusivity with a range of products that are an everyday solution for men and women.


Known for her entertaining social media content, which is posted alongside her husband Khalid Al Ameri, Salama has gained a following of over one million on Instagram and she continues to entertain with innovative and in many cases, hilarious content. On a mission to find skincare that truly helps, Salama decided to use her social following to her advantage and talk about her own skin issues and how she addresses them. As a result, Peacefull was born as a homegrown beauty brand and it’s going from strength to strength. As Peacefull launches its latest products, we find out what makes this line unique as well as Salama’s secrets to being at peace with yourself.

Tell us a little about your skincare line Peacefull – what is the goal and vision?

Peacefull coming to fruition was a monumental moment for me. The message is centred around self-love and highlights the importance of openness, tolerance, inclusivity, and hospitality. We want women and men to embrace themselves for who they truly are, and our campaign is a testament to this. Our brand is as inclusive as this region is and we aim to represent everyone and bring them into a Peacefull space every single day. It’s not just about launching a brand, it’s about a movement to bring skincare to the forefront of all our lives. A human movement to spread the message of being comfortable in your own skin and coming together to show love and be proud of each other, and more importantly, be proud of who we truly are.


Tell us about your own skincare struggles and how this has helped you develop your line of skin products? 

I’ve been blessed with vitiligo and sensitive skin from early on, so I have always been on the hunt for skincare products that would provide my skin with what it needed, but I always came up short, especially given the climate we live in. Eventually, I stumbled on Korean skincare, and I haven’t looked back since. Through this journey, I discovered the healing powers of Korean active ingredients, and that ultimately led to me creating Peacefull.


After discovering Korean skincare and its active ingredients, I wanted to share the formulas that work with my community because I truly believe we all deserve good skin! I have realized over time that the first step to self-love and being at peace is about perspective. I switched my outlook, began accepting my unique qualities and ultimately learned to make it my superpower. I surround myself with love and positivity.

How do you think your products differ from anything else on the market?

We are unique in the way that we are for everyone who lives in the region or is exposed to similar climates. We are an inclusive brand from the region for the region, made for all genders, all nationalities, and all skin types. Our products were tested within a 50-degree chamber for three months to ensure they could endure the sun-baked conditions of The Middle East. Especially as the formulas are made from scratch, we needed to ensure they didn’t split, and the scent didn’t change.


Tell us about some of the ingredients you use in your products and how do you go about sourcing them? 

Each product was created uniquely with hybrid formulas (you won’t find anything like them in the market,) and brings with it a special benefit and its place in the skincare routine. For this range, we have the following active ingredients:


  • Mugwort, which is a natural source of vitamin E and numerous antioxidants that help prevent acne outbreaks with its soothing and healing properties, can be a perfect addition to your routine, as it can help calm irritated skin.


  • Centella Asiatica (CICA), nicknamed ‘the wound healer’ comes with plenty of antioxidant potent properties, as well as being a rich source in amino acids that helps to hydrate, soothe and revitalize the skin’s protective barrier.


  • Sodium Hyaluronate is a lightweight acid excellent for hydration and helping to restore the skin’s moisture whilst being gentle on acne-prone skin. It also contains elastic fibres such as collagen and elastin that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and ageing.


  • Peptides in our eye cream help to improve the skin barrier under the eye, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and ease inflammation.


By using these ingredients, we aim for the best results for your skin, pure and simple.


What is it about Korean beauty that fascinates you?

I’m most intrigued by the formulas. Active ingredients have always been at the heart of Korean beauty and it’s so fascinating to see the way ingredients are mixed and put together to bring forth products that show results. Therefore I launched Peacefull – to bring products to the region that had the same level of quality and efficiency.

Would you like to expand the company globally?

Absolutely! Global expansion is at the forefront for Peacefull. Entering new markets always comes with its challenges however as each country must be given individual attention to its strategy. Our products are research-based for each market and its needs and, of course, are dermatologically tested for all skin types, including sensitive skin and approved by ESMA.


Tell us about the latest product launches? 

Our latest launch is the Peptide Eye Cream which is the fourth addition to our jade inspired Hya! Centella range. At Peacefull, we are all about products that make you glow from within and although often overlooked, using an eye cream is such an essential step in any skincare routine. The Peptide Eye Cream helps combat early signs of ageing, wrinkles and dark circles, so we felt it was the perfect addition to the range.


What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to your skin?

I have very sensitive skin, coupled with a combination skin type, which means that some days, I wake up with an oily T-zone or enlarged pores, hence why I have to be mindful of what ingredients and formulas I use on my skin.

Who is someone you look to for advice on how to look after your skin?

I often spend my time researching and then based on my findings, along with my skin’s needs, I create my routine. With skincare, no one-size-fits-all. We all have different skin types and concerns, and not all products will work the same way for any two people. I do consult my dermatologist for any questions that I may have or those I couldn’t answer whilst doing my research.


Tell us your morning skincare routine?

Currently, my morning skincare routine usually goes like this:

  • I start with the mugwort clay mask to cleanse my face. It is a face wash that gives you the benefits of wearing a clay mask but with hydration, so you are not stripping your natural skin moisture. If I have makeup on, then I’ll double cleanse, otherwise, I move on to the next step. I do this in the morning and evening.
  • Then I love using my hands to apply the Endless Purifying Toner. I love this step as it’s an essence enriched toner, so I’m getting maximum hydration on the deepest level.
  • Next, I use the Peptide Eye Cream. With its sherbet formulation, it is quickly absorbed, leaving my skin feeling silky and buttery whilst still leaving me with advanced moisturising benefits and instant brightening, lifting and cooling.
  • On days when I have more time, or I want to pamper myself a little more, I’ll use a sheet mask.
  • Then I apply our Ever Glow Moisturizer. What I love about this is that it doesn’t leave you feeling like a glazed doughnut! There is no stickiness, oiliness or greasiness and yet it plumps your skin and gives you the natural, healthy glow that you deserve, especially during summer, when it’s so hot and humid.
  • And finally, I’ll put on some SPF, a very important step so should never be missed.


What is the one product you can’t live without?

Peacefull’s Mugwort Clay Mask Cleanser is my go-to!


What would you like to see from global beauty brands when it comes to looking after their clients in the Middle East?

The beauty industry is experiencing a shift and I’m so glad. Now we see that innovative, inclusive, and diversity-driven brands are non-negotiable. Beauty for all is a must, it is time to champion a new era of inclusion, and these are necessary conversations we all must have. For me, inclusion and being considered is paramount and should encompass representation, accessibility, and affordability.



What is something you would still like to achieve that you haven’t done yet? 

The words “enough” and “done” don’t exist in my vocabulary! I want to continue working towards my mission of seeing people be at peace in their own skin. In the coming years, I want to see Peacefull go global. I want to ensure that when it comes to skincare, people don’t find themselves settling for the bare minimum and have products that cater to their needs.


What is the biggest challenge you face in what you do? 

So far, I’ve had such a great and supportive community. It’s where I found like-minded individuals with whom I could be open and honest about my journey. It has helped me create a space where I can be my authentic self. As with anything, there will always be negative aspects here and there, but the positivity throughout has outweighed the negative. The key is to not dwell on any negativity. All in all, my experience has been positive.


Of course, we love your Instagram posts – how do you think social media has influenced the way you do business?

I always naturally gravitated towards skits and educational videos, this was the type of content I consumed and ultimately, I, or should I say we, knew we could carve a name out for ourselves in this space on social media. However, as my community began to grow, I started receiving questions about my skin and confidence, which led me to open up about my journey, living with vitiligo and acceptance. I realised I had a much bigger purpose and passion in this space.



What else can we expect to see from you in 2022?

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for Peacefull this year. Much of it is under wraps but what I can say is that I can’t wait to introduce more life-changing skincare products into the market. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that we could make a difference in people’s lives and as their relationship with their skin grows stronger, to know we played a part in that. This is the reason Peacefull exists, and we will continue to work hard to spread this message far and wide.


What is the motto that you’re living by this year? 

To be at peace with yourself.