Sunday Riley Discusses Her Newest Innovation: 5 Stars

Lindsay Judge   |   01-06-2022

Sunday Riley launches her latest skincare product 5 stars, we find out more from the Founder herself.


Cult skincare brand Sunday Riley has fast become known for its result-driven skincare products that really provide an instant improvement on your skin’s appearance. With each product in the range targeting a specific skin problem, they are formed on years of research and innovation to ensure they truly work and provide in many cases, instant, visible results for each man or woman who uses them. All of Sunday Riley’s products are based on the “powered by science, balanced by botanicals” ethos that she has instilled throughout every aspect of the company. Using the best in scientific knowledge combined with the finest ingredients, green technology and multi-tasking formulas, Sunday has been successfully able to convince even the biggest cynics that there really are results to be seen from using skincare products.


Sunday’s products are founded around key ingredients such as AHAs, Vitamin C and Retinol. The latest addition to the family; “5 Stars”, is the brand’s first retinoid and niacinamide eye serum, designed to plump the skin around the eye area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. Combining a 6% retinoid blend (5% retinoid ester and 1% liposome encapsulated retinol complexes) and the bioactive components of Centella Asiatica to support natural collagen production, this serum works to plump the look of lines and prevent the signs of premature skin ageing. Here we found out from Sunday Riley more about the innovation behind this product.


Sunday Riley


What are three main points our readers should know about the new 5 Stars product?

There is so much to share about this exciting new innovation. But the top three points would be:

  1. 5 Stars is a hydrating gel-serum that uses a retinoid blend to support natural collagen production to plump the look of lines and prevent the signs of premature skin ageing.
  2. It is clinically proven to be gentle to the eye area.
  3. Niacinamide, a B3 derivative, supports ceramide production and brightens the look of discolourations.

5 Stars


Why did you think it was important to launch this product now and how does it complement the rest of the offering at Sunday Riley? 

I believe in the power of three and incorporating three key ingredients into your skincare routine for transformative results: AHAs, Vitamin C and of course, Retinol. It was of the utmost importance for me to create a retinoid eye serum for our line-up; to complete the evening routine. With the increase in mask-wearing due to COVID-19, I felt there was a larger focus on the eye area so now seemed like the right time to innovate in the eye category and extend our retinol range.


For women who might be nervous about the concept of using a retinoid cream, what would you tell them?

Always start slowly. We recommend two nights on and two nights off when you first start using our retinol products and slowly increase from there. If your skin is super sensitive, you can also apply a hydrating oil or moisturiser before using our retinol.


With 5 Stars, we recommend applying a pearl-sized amount to the bone area around your eye (not too close) and massaging it outwards and upwards with the ceramic tip – it feels so beautiful and cooling. Build it in 2-3 times a week and go up from there. Retinol is so transformative for the skin so if you can be sensitive just go easy and maybe apply a moisturiser first, then 5 Stars.


Ceramic Slip


In your opinion, at what point in life should women and men start using anti-ageing products?

Retinoids are great at many ages and I believe products should be chosen by skin concerns as opposed to age. If your concerns are fine lines and wrinkles, then start incorporating a retinoid product when you first see signs of ageing. Retinol is a miracle ingredient and can be beneficial to so many different skin types. Known for anti-ageing, retinol is also great for treating acne and redness. We have so many clinicals and before and afters for our A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum which has helped transform and treat acne-prone skin, which goes to show it can be useful at a variety of ages.


What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to developing new products today?

It’s incredibly important that as a brand we’re constantly evolving and offering the absolute best products available to our customers. It takes a long time to get a formula right and this is often a huge challenge along the way. If I know there is something that can be changed or improved, I’ll do it. If something isn’t selling, I’ll often remove it from the line completely. You have to remove all ego from your work, especially when we’re constantly trying to innovate, think outside the box and show up against new competitors.


C.E.O Glow


How do you ensure that Sunday Riley continues to stand out from competitors?

Our results-driven skincare is what, I believe, ensures we stand out from competitors. We don’t follow trends, we always formulate for instant, long-lasting results without the downtime. It differs from product to product, but I always start with the skin and a problem to solve. We have great relationships with our suppliers and we always make sure we’re sourcing the absolute highest quality ingredients. That’s our point of difference – I don’t even look at the price when I’m formulating, it’s about the quality of the ingredients. I’m a big believer that all our products have to be a blend of biotechnology, science and botanicals. I take a 360-degree approach when looking at skin health and I think the performance of the products speaks for itself.


What is something you would still like to do that you haven’t done yet? 

There is so much – I’m always creating, formulating and working on something. We have so much innovation to come so stay tuned.

C.E.O Moisturizer


Can you talk us through your daily skincare regime? 

I often change it depending on what we’re working on or developing at the time because I’m always trying out our newest products. However, my core routine is fairly consistent. I wake up and wash my face with Ceramic Slip then I’ll spritz with Pink Drink, which helps to support the microbiome. I take my probiotics every morning but I also incorporate Pink Drink! Then I mix around 2-3 pumps of CEO 15% Vitamin C Serum, with about 2-3 drops of CEO Glow (yes I double up on my Vitamin C – I love it!) I mix them together in my hand and then apply. I’m pretty diligent about the application; I’ll apply it all over my face, under the eye, and over the eye, and I make sure I apply it around the mouth, face, and decolletage.


From here, I might listen to a podcast, make a coffee, do some emails – do my thing around the house for a bit. I’ll come back and put some Good Genes on – But only if I didn’t do it in the evening. If I need a moisturiser, I’ll use ICE Ceramide Moisturising Cream.


Finally, I’ll apply Auto Correct Eye Contour Cream around my eyes. I also reapply Auto Correct throughout the day because I have to look awake as I don’t really sleep. Plus, I always have products at my desk throughout the day, I’ll generally reapply CEO Serum and ICE Ceramide Moisturising Cream throughout the day at least once. I like to keep my skin dewy all day long. AND you should know, I apply a lot of sunscreen – even if I’m indoors I apply it every day with reapplication throughout the day.


Pink Drink Essence


What is one other product our readers should try?

I would have to say Good Genes! Good Genes is the one product that has remained with us throughout our evolution. It embodies our philosophy of ‘powered by science, balanced by botanicals’. It’s a great product that gives instant results, which is what Sunday Riley is all about. This product is a one-stop-shop – it smooths texture, brightens the appearance of dark spots, targets fine lines and instantly plumps the skin. It’s a multi-tasking, targeted lactic acid treatment that rapidly exfoliates and boosts natural youthful radiance. It pairs perfectly with retinol as well – it’s our power couple!


What is the professional motto that you live by?

There is a quote by Walt Disney that I love, it says: “Keep moving forward”. I live by the rule of being in the now: living in the present and walking towards the future. It’s easy to overanalyse but people are counting on me and I just have to keep moving.


Good Genes


What else is in the pipeline for Sunday Riley this year?

We have so many exciting innovations to come and I’m always working on something new! Vitamin C is a huge focus for us and we’ll be extending our CEO category in the Middle East this year with a new face cream to come. We can’t wait to share it with you!