Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Shares Her Tips on at Home Beauty

Lindsay Judge   |   13 - 07 - 2020

Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Group answers our questions on perfecting your at-home beauty routine


As many of us are adapting to a life at home our beauty regimes may have changed drastically in recent months. Make-up has become more barefaced than glam our skincare routines have become DIY. Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont Group answers our questions on perfecting your at-home beauty routine and how to ensure you get that fresh-faced clear skin look.


What is Valmont doing to connect with its customers during this time?

During this period of containment, we organized online appointments for customers who wanted personalized diagnostics.


What can clients expect to learn from the virtual sessions?

These consultations allowed us to take the time to listen to our clients, a great need for empathy was obvious … I found that the phone made it easier for them to talk about their problems



What are some skincare problems that may occur when at home for a long period of time without having the chance to be in the fresh air?

There is no real skin problem when you stay at home as long as you moisturize properly. On the contrary, you have more time to take care of it. However, you can sometimes find that your complexion is duller due to a lack of light.


What are some tips we can follow to take care of our skin during this lockdown period?

To preserve beautiful skin, it must be well hydrated and especially oxygenated.

Exfoliation is necessary during this period.



How should we adapt our skincare routine during lockdown?

Take the opportunity to use these moments for intensive treatment such as exfoliations and masks.


Many women aren’t wearing as much make-up at the moment – what are the positive impacts this will have on our skin in the long run?

Good quality make-up does not have a negative impact on the skin. it simply allows you to apply nourishing and restoring creams.


If our products are running out at home are there any alternative products we can find in the home to use on our skin?

We have set up an online sales service, with personalised diagnosis so that our clients can receive all their daily care.



When this situation is over will you be changing any of the strategy at Valmont?

Thanks to containment, we’ve set up online diagnostics that we’re going to be continuing.

We have also innovated in digital press conferences. This will be repeated for some launches and interviews.


How is the online business supporting sales since the crisis began?

Very well thanks to the online consultations.


Do you expect the buying behaviour of customers to change after this is over?

Probably, but clients will also be delighted to meet our BA for more spontaneous relationships.



What is the one product every woman should use?

Prime Renewing Pack!

One product is sold every fifteen minutes around the world…


How can we determine our skin type?

According to its discomfort and visual aspect (shine, roughness, colour …)


Moving into the summer what can we do to look after our skin in the warmer months?

The two most important things during hot weather are hydration and protection.


Once we start going out more again how should we adapt our skincare routine when coming out of lockdown?

No more than protection and normal routine.


What is your nightly skincare routine?

The Detox Cream.


Can you share with us a secret or tip that you live by?

I always use a serum with my day and night creams. What’s more, to naturally replenish my skin, the secret to good health starts with Primary Veil.


When we can travel again – what would you recommend for taking care of your skin while travelling?

When I travel, I always have the Moisturizing Booster with me. Directly on my face, tapping it, I give a drink to my skin, because it dehydrates very quickly when flying.


What is the one product you can’t live without?

Prime Renewins Pack.