The Middle East’s First Clean Beauty Site is Fast Approaching

Hayley Kadrou   |   27-03-2019

Catching up with the trend, the Middle East will soon see its very first clean beauty site.

First came clean eating, then came clean beauty. And while the move towards clean beauty earned pockets of followers all over the world, it’s taken a little while to gain momentum in the Middle East.

But finally, it seems as though the UAE and beyond are catching up, as the first ever clean beauty e-commerce site is about to launch.

Named Project bYOUty – and homed at – the aim of the site is to offer (obviously) clean beauty with real reviews with the aim to inform and empower women.

While the project claims to be launching in early 2019 (so, any day now) it’s been a long time in the making, as even the first Instagram post was September 2019.


Project bYOUty is coming to the Middle East in early 2019

Project bYOUty is coming to the Middle East in early 2019


While Clean Beauty is a term we might hear a lot – and we might even seek out products that are branded in such a way – the definition of what is clean doesn’t have consensus across the industry.

Often, it is associated with a line of makeup, skincare and toiletries that are created without ‘toxic’ ingredients.

However, there are so many modern-day elements that may play into it – from vegan beauty to sustainable products.

Whatever will be Project bYOUty’s perimeter of clean beauty is yet to be defined, but either way, we eagerly await the addition to Middle Eastern beauty scene.


Clean beauty, real reviews and empowered women is the message

Clean beauty, real reviews and empowered women are the messages


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