The Latest Must-Have Hair Product Revealed

Lindsay Judge   |   21-02-2022

Gisou, the haircare brand founded by Negin Mirsalehi has revealed a new hero product.


The Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner is the ultimate treatment for damaged hair and a multi-tasking spray for women in all walks of life.



Designed to nourish all hair types the leave-in spray is a blend of honey, baobab extract, Argan Oil and panthenol which softens and tames frizz whilst improving the hair’s strength and shine.


It will detangle hair to improve manageability and elasticity as well as protecting your locks from UV rays, heat, pollution, brushing and abrasion. It helps to strengthen and fortify the hairs to prevent breakage.

This leave-in treatment can be used after and between washes for silkier, stronger and healthier looking hair. Use it before bed to lock in moisture overnight and use it before styling your locks for a frizz-free super shiny look.


Now available at Sephora stores in the UAE.