These Handmade Products Will Make the Perfect Eid Gifts

Lindsay Judge   |   24-07-2020

Lifestyle brand Flaumane has everything you need to gift your loved ones this Eid. From handmade candles and fragrance to luxury loungewear that’s made with care and passion. We discover more.


Founded by Anna Flaumane-Selwyn-Gotha, this brand is made with love and care. Anna was inspired by her travels and after moving from Dubai to the UK, she combined her experience with the natural countryside environment to create her own unique lifestyle brand that embraces nature and traditional artisanal methods.



Anna chooses some of the softest cottons to create its luxury loungewear and evening wear pieces. Flaumane’s unique designs are inspired by some of the founder’s favourite destinations around the world. Handmade using traditional artisanal methods, each piece is designed to last and makes the perfect gift for your loved ones. Some of the evening wear pieces include the embellishment of more than 1,000 Swarovski crystals.



Aside from the ready-to-wear Flaumane’s home accessories and perfumes make the perfect gifts for all the family. These homemade products combine botanical extracts and essential oils that can take up to a year to create the perfect scent. All of the candle’s scents represent a memory, place or object, designed to evoke your emotions.



Flaumane Perfumes offer the ultimate in luxury. Handmade at the Candle and Perfumery Studios in the UK each piece is 100 per cent natural and organic. Made using renewable, sustainable and biodegradable processes as well as being completely vegan. The candles and perfumes are made using natural ingredients often found in the local region, or gardens that surround the studio.



The beautiful surrounding Gotha Gardens, which are also open to the public, allow a biodynamic approach to perfume creation. The benefit of a large open space and raw nature around gives an opportunity to establish a biodynamic production environment, essential to the creation of a luxury product.


Flaumane products are available online with delivery available worldwide. Shop here.