We Reveal Some of the Latest Trends and Innovations in the Beauty Industry

Lindsay Judge   |   08-10-2022

1. Hybrid Skincare


Sisley Paris


With busy and constantly demanding lifestyles, women are finding it more and more difficult to make time for themselves. Women want real results, fast and they don’t always have time to go to the salon. With that in mind, the need for results-proven beauty products that minimise time and avoid a complicated regime is leading the way. Two-in-one solutions that simplify skincare but ensure visible effects are the way forward Sisley’s new Exfoliating Enzyme Mask for example introduces a new beauty step that is a cross between an exfoliant and a mask. Reducing time and avoiding regular trips to the salon this Hybrid skin care solution incorporates a natural fruit enzyme with an exfoliating action.



2. Digital Vs Physical


MAC Cosmetics


Much like we see happening in the fashion industry, beauty brands have started to explore the metaverse and discover new ways they can connect with their customers. One of those onboard is MAC Cosmetics which has created a range of NFTs. The Viva Glam x Keith Haring NFT collection features three limited edition animations of lipsticks based on the work of the late artist/activist Keith Haring. When buying one of these NFTs MAC also offers the owners physical benefits such as complimentary products and one-on-one consultations with MAC makeup artists. The NFT has ultimately become a ticket to exclusive products and experiences.



3. Microbiome Skincare

Murad Prebiotic 4-in -1 MultiCleanser


Microbiome-focused skincare products are having a moment. Much like we take probiotics to help our body from the inside, Mircrobiome skincare products focus on the microbiome which is in short, an ecosystem of bacteria that lives on the skin’s surface. Don’t panic, much of this is good bacteria and having a balanced microbiome is beneficial, especially to skin health. Mircrobiome help to keep harmful aggressors away and reduce inflammation within the skin when needed. Products that will help to balance this layer will not only improve the appearance of your skin but will be beneficial to overall health. Look for ingredients in products such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid that will help balance and improve barrier function.



4. Supercharged Facial




Why have a regular facial when you can have it supercharged? A new generation of electricity-powered gadgets is allowing women to experiment at home with devices that will offer a “non-invasive facelift”. The FOREO Bear is this year’s number-one skincare device and it is making waves across the world. The powerful device delivers a non-invasive treatment and restores skin elasticity, Featuring an anti-shock system, BEAR is the safest microcurrent device available on the market, measuring your skin’s resistance to electricity and automatically adjusting microcurrent accordingly for maximum safety and comfort. It offers a completely customised skincare routine, while T-Sonic™ pulsations energize the skin for a stimulating facial treatment to restore firmness and reduce visible signs of ageing. Available at Sephora, Namshi.com, Sivvi.com, Noon.com and FOREO.com



5. Condensed beauty


Davines Solid Shampoo


Condensed beauty or “waterless skincare” is a new movement originating from South Korea that is helping to make the industry more environmentally friendly. It is a way for brands to discover new ways to amplify the results and efficiency of beauty formulas, while reducing product waste. It goes beyond sustainability and recyclable products by reducing water and creating products in powder or solid form. This can be anything from a powder cleanser to a solid shampoo or body wash. All you do is add water – it reduces waste and also prolongs the freshness of the products.