​​Saiid Kobeisy Reveals Eye-catching Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 23-24 Collection

Emma Hodgson   |   30-11-2023

The ​​Saiid Kobeisy Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 23-24 collection is undoubtedly bold and eye-catching. 

Seamlessly transitioning from more demure formalwear to the grandeur of gowns makes this collection speak to a universal sense of womanhood. 

The collection features a variety of formalwear from structured yet unconventional styles of denim dressing, proving that denim isn’t just for the daytime. 

The collection includes a kaleidoscope of colour, encapsulating the essence of the autumn and winter palette – navy blue, violet, emerald green and jet black, which ooze decadence. 

The continued warmth of the palette, detailed beading, patterns, textures and pops of colour in the gowns are key and cohesive feature in the collection, setting it aside from the rest. 

More tailored yet bold play on colour and gradience include the signature Mikado Sage Green Gradient mini cropped tailored jacket with straight fitted sleeves and a peak lapel paired with flared pants with a waistband and seamed pockets on the side.

Prints include Taffeta in which the fabric has been incorporated in various ways.

A draped off-shoulder dress, a one-shoulder sleeve and an asymmetric skirt and a long dress with bell sleeves and fitted sleeve cuffs, which is paired with a long flared skirt; printed with a Sage Green print and styled with an SK chamois corset belt.