10 Questions With Marwa Sayed of THREE FIFTY NINE

Diana Bell-Heather   |   12-08-2018

Egyptian designer Marwa Sayed is taking her UAE-based label THREE FIFTY NINE to London Fashion Week for the first time.


THREE FIFTY NINE fw18 egyptian designer uae lfw

Marwa Sayed


Her contemporary womenswear brand caught the eye of the judges at this year’s Dubai Design & Fashion Council and FAD Institute of Luxury, Fashion & Style Dubai’s prize and will now be on display at Fashion Scout.


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We chat to Sayed about her inspiration and how she is getting ready for the showcase between September 14 and 17.


How are you preparing for your upcoming debut at LFW?

I am in final stages of completing my SS19 sample collection so my schedule is extremely busy to say the least.


What can we expect from the collection?

Another collaboration with artist Hani Mahfouz, wrapped with strong messages, bold colours and diverse silhouettes.


THREE FIFTY NINE fw18 egyptian designer uae lfw



How does your background influence you?

I would say that art is my biggest influence as it has always been a passion of mine.


Who do you see as the THREE FIFTY NINE girl?

The THREE FIFTY NINE girl is educated and well travelled. She is strong and resilient yet quirky and playful. She is not afraid to take risks with her fashion choices so she seeks uniqueness and individuality.




What have you learnt from growing your brand so far?

It’s not as glamorous as people seem to  think. It takes a lot of hard work, resilience and persistence to build a brand. The actual design process (my favorite part of course) only takes up about 5% of my time while the rest is spent on the business side so it’s important to be business savvy as well.


Describe your design process.

It all starts with art, that’s what always triggers my inspiration and when I design I think of my friends, my family and other great women around me.  Then I work on the mood board, start sketching and working on abstracts from the chosen art to be  applied on the design. After that I source the fabrics, develop patterns and start the sampling process where we bring the pieces to life.


THREE FIFTY NINE fw18 egyptian designer uae lfw



How has the fashion scene in the region changed since you launched your label?

It’s definitely matured and grown a lot since I first started out in 2015. I believe the DDFC is doing great work by building the industry and creating healthy competition in the market which leads to better opportunities for emerging designers.


How would you describe your personal style?

Contemporary, feminine and comfortable.


THREE FIFTY NINE fw18 egyptian designer uae lfw



What do you hope people will say about your collection at LFW?

That I offer a fresh perspective and my collection tells a unique story.


What is your personal moto?

Be your own muse. Perfection is overrated