Balenciaga Announces The Launch Of New “Souvenier Shop” Collectables In Paris

Emma Hodgson   |   21-06-2024

This week Balenciaga announced its brand new Souvenir Shop collectables. 

The initial installation is currently being hosted at the Balenciaga Saint Honoré storefront in Paris. 

Discussing the new project, the house said “Balenciaga has created a Souvenir Shop to showcase products that take inspiration from items sold in souvenir stands on Parisian streets, transposing the layered nature of these portable displays to a different context. 

“Balenciaga has reinterpreted typical Paris tourist merchandise like mugs, umbrellas, lidded porcelain tumblers, enamelled metal magnets, keyrings, brass padlocks, decorative plates, glasses, snow globes, each feature a Balenciaga stamp as an ode to the city: a rendition of the Eiffel Tower, a version of a French street sign and more.” 

The new launch will be available until the 23d of September this year, in selected stores.  The largest selection of the Souvenir Shop items will be available in the Paris’ flagship.