BOYFRIEND Launches Casualwear Collection That Honours Beirut

Lindsay Judge   |   13-12-2020

Beirut-based brand BOYFRIEND has launched a new casual wear collection that will inspire your loungewear wardrobe this festive season.


Founded by Fashion Stylist and Art Director Amine Jresissati, the Lebanese label focuses on chic minimal, oversized silhouettes that are both comfortable and stylish. Blending genders and providing basic pieces that will become luxurious statement pieces in your wardrobe.



The new “Sajeen” collection reflects the struggle Beirut has faced over the past year, something that founder Amine was personally affected by.


The collection is created as an Archival Refinement and a revival of the brand’s true identity. A collection that breaks free from formality to curate meaningful and relevant pieces that will meet the needs of today’s customer. Comfort and style come together in these elegant, effortless pieces.



In a statement the brand spoke of the importance of this collection “what we wanted was to curate pieces that would be relevant and important for today. Adapting to a new way of living. And it was quite challenging to get the process laid-out, in such an intricate and a very short period of time.”



It was also deeply important for the brand to collaborate with local businesses, helping them through difficult times. So from start to finish this collection came together with the help of Lebanese designers, models, photographers, embroiders, pattern makers and more to ensure it truly honoured the home city of the brand.


The “Sajeen” collection is now available at the new E-Shop: