Carolina Herrera celebrates Eid Al Fitr collaborating with Lebanese artist Nourie Flayhan

Lindsay Judge   |   10-05-2021

Carolina Herrera is celebrating Eid al Fitr with a collaboration with Lebanese artist Nourie Flayan, who has translated the celebration of the end of Ramadan into the brand universe with an illustration rich in symbology.


The luxury brand has released a series of illustrations with the aim of bringing together friends and families during the Holy Month and highlighting the strong family values that are at the core of the Carolina Herrera brand heritage, and that are celebrated during the month of Ramadan.



The works created by Nourie Flayhan unite the sacred and the contemporary, the traditional and the digital. The illustrations that she has created for Carolina Herrera evoke a modern Ramadan atmosphere where each element plays a specific role such as the traditional prints such as the Mashrabiya, an architectural element that is characteristic of traditional architecture in the Islamic world.



Weaved into the story she has created is symbols of the Carolina Herrera universe, like the jasmine flower which is a tribute to the iconic flower of Carolina Herrera’s couture inspiration: the imperial jasmine.