Cruise 2019: Bottega Veneta

Diana Bell-Heather   |   25-05-2018

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Bottega Veneta Cruise 2019 collection is split into three categories to deliver customers fresh designs in a new modern way.


To address the complexities of the modern pre-collection, creative director Tomas Maier decided to design three distinct groups across both men’s and women’s lines. He explains:


“They function like mini collections. One delivers in November, one in December and one in January. Each one is about what my client might need or want at the time when pieces arrive in the store.”


The women’s collection leads on from the FW18 runway with the same rich intense palette in colours like deep orange, marigold yellow and Baccara rose. Maier plays with proportion and volumes in wintry pieces with the signature double cashmere and double wool turning sporty.


Elsewhere, full, round skirts are topped with chunky knits and cropped jackets, balanced by slim high-heeled boots to the knee. For the season’s parties, Maier offers a voluminous dress and skirt in pleated taffeta. The second group takes a dramatic turn, trading fall’s jewel tones for icy, washed pastels:


“I wanted to offer the lightest colors for the darkest days of the year,” says Maier. “I think they’re very mood-lifting.”


The last group gives us a little glimpse into what to expect from the Spring collection. Each motif is created from tiny dots, giving the illusion of a houndstooth or wallpaper print from afar. As for accessories, Maier introduced a way to layer your favourite pieces. There are small leather goods in Intrecciato Checker—round coin purses, rectangular mini wallets—designed to slide onto slim belts or the strap of a handbag to customize to your preference.


Gents can expect a similar feel with rich colours that were evident in FW18 range with elevated autumnal plaid prints. Our top pick are the winter whites and desert hues punctuated by pops of bubblegum pink and mint green. The menswear entrée to spring also revolves around the illusory dot, which Maier uses to create discreet pointillist versions of classic menswear checks: Prince of Wales, windowpane and plaid. The dots are mixed with butterfly-print shirts and mélange knits for a look that’s a complex but cohesive collage of pattern and texture. The whimsical element is balanced by the easy, essential nature of the silhouettes.


Maier mission is for you to take a break from your go-to basics and enjoy wearing something unique and elegant.


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